Yeah it's been a while, Sorry I've just been busy xP So I decided to make another mix and Thanks to everyone for 1k+ Subs! Greetz from America, Enjoy 😉 Songlist: Slim Shore - ANSARAT D-Block & S-te-Fan - Kingdom (The Pitcher Re-Amp Edit) Coone - Million Miles Wasted Penquinz - Resistance Second Identity - Atlantis
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hardstyle mix (HQ)

This is a hardstyle mix video i hope you wil like it 🙂 enjoy Songs: 1.Patrick bunton - Young birds (remix) dons feat crunk dat - soljaboy (techno remix) shuffle compilation songs 4.smf - hahaha! =D

50 Responses to “Hardstyle Mix 51”

  1. Cobbleplaystogether says:

    HD FTW!

  2. engel19710 says:

    OMG! I love it

  3. Tyshawn James says:

    Omfg i just jizzed in my pants this shit is awsome!

  4. I fkn love this

  5. navalwater123 says:

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  6. jj sdrytfg says:

    i am sure god didnt listen to hardstyle lol

  7. ajfdhksefbhopabfpodeasg I LOVE YOU BRO

  8. i made it

  9. me too

  10. Thats Nice Music

  11. @SchaTTEnkekZ STFU

  12. yes

  13. UR RIGHT !

  14. fiasjpofhipoaIHGSASGD

  15. HardstyleBananaz says:

    @SchaTTEnkekZ dude stfu u talk so much shit u could talk with ur ass stupid faggot

  16. Thats better than Sex <3 (Coone - Million Miles)

  17. HardstyleBananaz says:

    Hardstyle.. <3 the only thing that i love more than my mum..

  18. João Pedro says:

    Very nice song -HardStyle®- 4ever !!!

  19. João Pedro says:

    Very nice song … HarStyle® 4ever

  20. RDragonsSlayer16 says:

    you came to the wrong place to write this

  21. I have fornicated to the beat of your mixes, now the girls cant walk, they only shuffle!

  22. Dubstep < Hardstyle

  23. triplekill36 says:

    Check out this mix the tracks are great thanks =)


  24. No offense, but they are fucking shit. Get Pioneer Hdj-1000’s for good dj headphones. And it not a ‘built in subwoofer’ rather than a bassy driver..

  25. Rood Hadson says:

    i (¯`v´¯)HardStyle *-*

  26. viktor macic says:

    sandwich + hardstyle = life 😀

  27. EPICFLAME98 says:


    ______▂▃▅▆TECHNO FOREVER▆▅▃▂______

  28. TheSlayer285 says:

    wär echt geil
    wenn du ihn mal fragen könntest

  29. Stefan Gabler says:

    find ich selbst net mus ich meinen bruder fragen er ist bozic4 ist vor paar monaten bei mir ausgezogen 😀

  30. Stefan Gabler says:

    WTF 0:39 KICK IT LoL

  31. Brandon Perret says:

    This is one blade by blademasterz

  32. Marco Brunner says:

    2:20 -> hardstyle republic, Resistance is futile =D

  33. K3THElittleTHINGS says:

    You say Lady Gaga, I say Ørjan Nilsen.
    You say Hannah Montana, I say Ferry Corsten.
    You say Owl City, I say Above & Beyond.
    You say Jonas Brothers, I say Markus Shulz.
    You say Justin Bieber, I say Armin Van Buuren.
    You say Taylor Swift, I say Aly & Fila.
    95% of teens these days listen to the same crappy pop song over and over again. If you’re one of the 5% who still listens to real music,thumb this up,then copy and past to atleast 3 vids. TECHNO CANT DIE!

  34. TheSlayer285 says:

    second song???

  35. Soap44callOFdutyFAN4 says:

    ee w polsce nie mosz pawa szprehac tym polamanym jezykiem !!

  36. Soap44callOFdutyFAN4 says:

    the best beat is from 3:00

  37. k1ll3nspr33 says:


  38. MustachioElite117 says:


  39. TheSlayer285 says:

    Kann mir jmd den link vom 2. Lied schicken??

  40. Mikial Egofske says:


  41. cool

  42. holy shiii…

  43. TehMeme1337 says:

    2:20- 2:56


  44. oh man alter

  45. Alan Westlake says:

    Yeah Well hard my man

  46. e figa come musica anche la techno

  47. tiesto is the king

  48. Nikolaj Ørnstrup says:

    ▂▃▅▆TECHNO FOREVER!▆▅▃▂


    ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ 🙂

  49. 1981peluche says:

    Its aggghhhit

  50. AnythingButHuman says:

    You gotta check out this fully hectic shuffle