ALL THE COPYRIGHT GOES TO ARTISTS. I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC! THIRD PART IS OUT! /watch?v=yDk_dYJ7uBk SECOND PART IS OUT! /watch?v=0U_J7k8xQp4 I made a small compilation of hardstyle/shuffle music. Subscribe 😉 Playlist: 1. Alpha Twins - Smack My Derb 2. Dark Oscillators - Superstar DJ 3. Dark Oscillators - Food for Woofers 4. Paxi - Fixi (Deepforces Remix) 5. HeadHunterz - The end of my Exsistance 6. BladeMasterz - One Blade 7. Showtek - Colours of the Harder Style
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These are right now my top 8 hard trance songs!!

50 Responses to “Hardstyle Music – Shuffle Songs [HD]”

  1. TheAnonimito says:


  2. This the shit i dooo like

  3. daniel avila says:

    harstyle for life

  4. Hardstyle Mix /watch?v=LQ43UI7NzvE

  5. Philip Hoard says:

    I am too old for this shit. But, for some reason I still find myself listening.

  6. lucas sørby says:

    Hardstyle er mit Liv

  7. xXbutchershookXx says:

    god this brings back memories.. cheers for the mix

  8. Peter Björk says:

    Nice musik

  9. LagunaMiddleSchool20 says:

    Love this kind of music

  10. SuperBIGBFG says:


  11. marcus højengaard says:

    Alpha Twins – smack my derb Best song ever❤!

  12. bloodcrazed11 says:

    Song at 5:28 end of my existance

  13. bloodcrazed11 says:

    I luv shufflin but take to much energy

  14. IPlayThatGameBro says:

    04:43 BEST SONG THERE 😉

  15. manuellelenc81 says:

    Echt lol.

  16. mariaalmaraz27 says:

    Heuull yeaaah!!!!(;

  17. DjDoyley2011 says:

    its smack my bitch up ha, not bitcha

  18. luca santinelli says:

    dddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooo boooo’ pompa un belpo’ 

  19. alexis145211 says:

    What the fuck(;

  20. Duvirr Garcia says:

    this song was on hsa and eha

  21. Duvirr Garcia says:

    i would to but i try and try but i feel it wont work out for me

  22. Stephanie Farias says:

    This is the shiit

  23. Jonathan berkeley says:

    0:00 – Smack my derb
    2:03 – Superstar DJ
    3:11 – Food for Woofers
    4:43 – Paxi Fixi
    5:39 – The end of My Existence
    7:33 – One Blade
    8:56 – Colours of the harder style

  24. trond schults zkobel says:


  25. IPlayThatGameBro says:

    4:43 best :DD

  26. aberri ala hil says:

    Where is ACE DA BRAIN? he’s the best

  27. MegaNinja16 says:

    technoboy makes hardstyle bro…

  28. Maria shuffle says:

    i love your top 8! sick choice mate! 

  29. Ropusnikify says:


  30. masterchi101 says:

    walt jenssen is hardstyle, not hard trance

  31. japeztheshuffler says:

    Youtube downloader..

  32. tooo much !!

  33. Yincheng Chan says:

    awesome man

    Technoboy – Heat !!!!

  34. kamaishuffl3r says:

    you can just convert them 😀

  35. ComputerTutorialPro says:

    awesome music

  36. sembangdesa says:

    nice 1 dude…i like this..

  37. CioppyRulesTheWorld says:

    I Love Walt Jenssen <3

  38. DarthDevil92 says:

    im out of bc…just last month..haha..sorry to dissapointed you mated..any comment my new video..i just upload it last night

  39. counterstrikekid42 says:

    xD jk jk
    unless ur good then thats OK! xD

  40. DarthDevil92 says:

    erm,,maybe yes maybe no…haha

  41. counterstrikekid42 says:

    a bass captives????/

  42. KenshinvsAngel says:


  43. 1xXScream0Xx1 says:

    Yeahh… But it’s illegal. 😀

  44. fuck all of you , you think youre all thugs fucking dickheads

  45. MAN!! this is awesome songlist!! respect!

  46. Motivand0LaYal says:

    Limewire works fine, idk why people dont say it lol, i mean its a bit shitty to find rare songs, but it gets the job done when ur lucky.

  47. Motivand0LaYal says:

    NEVERMIND my last comment about the tracklist, i wasnt looking at the vid sorry lol. awesumm tracklist, glad u included Bas n Ram.

  48. Motivand0LaYal says:

    Dude, cud you at least have included the tracklist?

  49. naughttube says:

    Now this is a proper list!

  50. this is just Windows Moviemaker, normally I use Sony Vegas. Everyone has on his computer Windows Moviemaker 😉