Here is a new compilation of a style/shufflers i like most. Enjoy Like the page 😉 a lots of other videos of me

Yeah I have a lot of time, and i made this 🙂 Sub me for more and thanks for watching. Music at 1200 views. Shufflers: ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. I’m in Canada and have no idea were to get those pants someone help please

  2. David Kuznetsov says:


  3. Rosa Lindholm says:

    I Love HardStyle !  <3 <3 I Live For It !

  4. Ratko Prekoplota says:


  5. Kyle Bridgland says:

    this is great. i can shuffle but im not that good. these guys are true gods in the hardstyle life.

  6. Angel Cedillo says:

    I was a super fan of hard style back in 08. I went from hardstyle to indie/chillwave but I think I’m back

  7. Alexis DeLaRosa says:

    I tried shuffling hardstyle but I epically failed but I still love hardstyle tho

  8. Alexis DeLaRosa says:

    I tried shuffling hardstyle but I epically failed but I still love hardstyle tho

  9. Yeah i think the same, last month headhunterz was at a nightclub in my town, and some persons listened for the first time of their life hardstyle and they now consider themselfes as fucking true fans of it. it piss me off

  10. masterproducts0 says:

    Great!! some people listen to hardstyle like it is a brand or something. People who express themselves with melbourne shuffle aren’t like that they are the real hardstyle lovers not just zombies who follow the mainstream.
    this is my opinion.

  11. Whee Hardstyleshuffles says:

    ARRGH! Still can’t get enough of this! I love this compilation soooo much!

  12. DADDYROBEE1 says:

    Sick, bro!

  13. mikki? danny?

  14. i only want to say – you are the best shuffler! awesome man!

  15. jumpstyle is for looser who can´t shuffle 😉
    and shuffling is made for hardstyle not for jumpstyle 🙂

  16. Ciaran Bailey says:

    dont hate on the tunes if you dont like it dont watch it 🙂

  17. drew cervantes says:

    Wanted is danceing hard lol

  18. Stivo Sumilat says:


  19. click the “show more” button

  20. Genaro Herrera says:

    What’s the first song called

  21. laloshufflereg says:

    niceee!!! *—*

  22. TerminusCOBHC says:

    You can hate if you want to. You can talk that shit all night. Cuz you sure don’t dance and, since you don’t dance, well, you’re no friend ov mine.

  23. btw, to talk about music, you got to have knowledge about music, and no human being on this planet that have even the bare knowledge of music, symphonies and melodies, listens to … this.

  24. Jazz, classical, old hip hop, opera, etc. you know, music that takes longer than 4 hours to make on your mac.

  25. and what kind of music do u listen to so i can talk shit on it?

  26. Concrete Angel (Craig Connelly Remix)

  27. Music dude, music

  28. sambroskie lou says:

    6:00 ?

  29. cristhian meza says:

    song at 1:59 ¿?

  30. song at 7:10?

  31. Coyote MIPMIP says:

    Song 4:05 plz 🙂

  32. Coyote MIPMIP says:

    Song 5:06 plz !!! 😀

  33. Track list ? ; D 

  34. breend is good, just get some phats pleeaasee

  35. Isaiah Foster says:

    I’m dead X_X

  36. raverkricket says:

    3:17 please

  37. liquidrezonation says:

    Song list plz

  38. liquid bass says:

    Alex is starting to look like mikkiz keep it up man

  39. Kélvin Freitas Cavalcante says:

    Cara que lindo *-* … Breno e sicky *-*


  40. David Sanders Jr says:

    Song at 1:56 please?

  41. raverkricket says:

    Song at 3:17 por favor

  42. MegaPhungus says:

    Luca Antolini - Powerful Act 3

  43. raverkricket says:

    Song at 1:00 plz

  44. -[HBK]-Tribal says:

    Nice Video.. I wish i was in a compilation :(

  45. ColdHardGaming says:

    2:10 That is the sickest location for a shuffling vid 😀

  46. Serph Valentine says:

    Songs at 1:00 Please Please x..

  47. What´s the song at 1:00 ?

  48. Daniel Filipe says:

    Sicky Nightfall Breeno T1m Corzza Chloe Are So FUCKING GOOD ! 😀