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25 Responses to “Hardstyle Shuffle Compilation – Best Of Shufflers”

  1. xiDerezzed says:

    Just needs francis n moonboy

  2. DE-M-ORBIT John says:

    masuk akal πŸ˜€ kerja yang bagus (y)

  3. RetardswithTractors says:

    lockdown by scope dj

  4. Roiben Blitz says:


  5. Kissislove17 says:

    anybody know the song at 1:00 ??

  6. assassin309 says:

    whats the song for Galu?

  7. kas9556hoihoi says:

    02:30 shuffler is cute<3^^

  8. Alexandre Teixeira says:

    this is hold hardstyle!

  9. Troy Jennings says:

    this vid needs more views!

  10. FLasHZ akaVoN says:

    Yeah.. is Right

  11. What’s the first song always wanted to know

  12. pudgeep gray says:

    lucian is soooooo good

  13. BassRockeR99 says:

    sick πŸ˜€ -BassRockeR | HSP | PHS | STE

  14. GstylezJumps says:

    Hey what’s the song for Lucian?

  15. Song lists please πŸ˜€

  16. FLasHZ akaVoN says:


  17. OʟΙͺ JoΙ΄cΙ‘s - DeejΙ‘Ι΄os says:

    Daniel & Danielzz Isn’t the same

  18. First Song??

  19. Teufelskake says:

    whats the song name for GUS?

  20. kirill krilov says:

    sicky song plz 04:40

  21. henkkarytimexz says:

    Whats the song for bulldog

  22. MyArthurking says:

    Song for Danielzz ?

  23. prescottme says:

    whats the song name for IMPACT?

  24. Skar Kitti says:

    What’s Tom’s song??

  25. FLasHZ akaVoN says: