HG: The Harder Generation Mikkizz. One of the sickest shufflers out there. He lika do da chacha alot!!!!! Winner of the SHFL Competition. Songlist: 1: S.H.O....

SHUFFLER IN ORDER ---------- - Smoker : http://www.youtube.com/user/ShufflerViktor - Wesker : http://www.youtube.com/user/AlbertWrsker753 - Max : h...
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50 Responses to “HG Mikki shuffle compilation”

  1. WinAndLinuxTutorials says:

    can’t find the 4th track, what is it’s name

  2. WinAndLinuxTutorials says:

    I like this style much more.

  3. Alex Mess says:

    @dawiDos50cent Mikki used to be in HSK, when HSK broke up he went into HG xD

  4. drhuggibear says:

    this is not hsk mikki

  5. Alex Mess says:

    rockkettt ur a life saver bro, i only found the (Flutlicht Mix) but ill
    keep searching for the (Hard Kandy Mix) thanks again mate. BR/Danielzz

  6. Alex Mess says:

    people started copying his style but his new style is mutch harder to copy

  7. Yoni Vatik says:

    i’ll try it!! that really helps lolo!! thanks!

  8. Gerber Tuesday says:

    Yeah first to comment!!! This guy is sick man!!! He’s like the God of

  9. You sure thats the firrst song cuz i looked it up and it wasnt the right

  10. Wallison Belmiro says:

    vidio nice BRAIL Shuffle /watch?v=YR4aKyYsBqA

  11. Haihai whutwhut says:

    amaizing I’ve never seen most clips in here

  12. HardstyleBramm says:

    Mikki is still the best <3

  13. rockkettt says:

    ill find the link for u, hold on.

  14. Yoni Vatik says:

    how do you do one step? can any one send me a link or something i’m dying
    to know!! :))

  15. he changed it cause its hard as hell to do huge spins and kicks at
    raves/parties/clubs probally. Thats why alot of younger shufflers styles
    move alot and the older 1’s like hiltzy, elle, pae and that dont move as
    much but are more smooth.

  16. thekkinkproject says:

    old style was better it seperated mikki from the shufflers and put him with
    the kings but meh

  17. so what exactly is this style called? cuz hardstyle is when u take up allot
    of space but this style u pretty much remain stationary

  18. Elric Martijn says:

    FTW!!!!! nice pwnd nice vid tooo:D

  19. nervoso1234 says:

    MIKKIZ the best Shuffler xD! !

  20. ddscott123 says:

    isnt it malaysian running man?

  21. archknight49 says:

    wats the 1st songg bruz

  22. @Hardstylehaha Thanks 🙂

  23. i dunno it myself the first song i ripped it of another vid lolz

  24. Yoni Vatik says:

    lol i just wanted to now how mikki does it.. looks like on step. but i was
    told that he does 2 step but his leg goes way back thatn normal 🙂 your
    right thow! angry monkeys lol :-))

  25. nahujcitachata says:

    last song name??????/

  26. Paolo Espinoza says:

    jajajajajaja lo cagas a sotk xD

  27. jorge antonio ferroa copaja says:

    peru lo mejor

  28. kalfstreet says:

    Pero que buenos Phat pants quien los hará en peru??

  29. NK l Stratox l shuffler says:

    @simple gutierrez estas echo una cagada ni siquieras sabrias hacer el paso
    basico y ya criticas encerio CTM !! .l.

  30. Bryan Velasquez says:

    ta chingo , quien es el espectro en la camara de seguridad del minuto 10:10

  31. Josimar Sanchez says:

    jajaja xD!

  32. si?, es una mierda?, pero vos sos más mierda todavía porque estoy
    segurísimo que ni esa mierda podrías hacer de lo inútil que seguramente
    sos, infeliz, andá a putear a tu vieja que es la responsable de tu
    existencia, no la pagues con los deás

  33. Brayan Shuffler says:

    (Y) ‘ =)’

  34. Renato Campos says:

    4xV m4l3 t4 fV3Lt3 l4 k0mp1x 4m1x ii4 tV s4′ mVii pr0nT0 l4 c0mp1 p4rt3h
    d0zZzZ z0L0h 3zp3r3n :33 Max :v P.D. modo amixer on xd’

  35. Alvaro Gutierrez says:

    bn ai brayan y jose! xido (y)

  36. jorge antonio ferroa copaja says:

    Donde los puedo ubicar para intercanbiar pasos

  37. Paolo Espinoza says:


  38. Victor Zanabria Bacigalupo says:

    Esta compilation esta para el orgasmo :33 xD Smoker -THN

  39. Brayan Shuffler says:

    (Y) ‘

  40. Jota-Pe- THN says:

    Ohhh kalamede defiende a los shuffler *v*

  41. HardMovement Varo says:


  42. Sleinad Daniels says:

    Nice compi :3 Like + Sub bro -Daniels HO-Z

  43. AQP ROCKET says:

    Pant’s un par para Arequipa ;3 !

  44. Jota-Pe- THN says:

    Dejanos tu fb y te agrego o en el parque la muralla los sabados a las 4 pm.

  45. Sotk shuffle says:

    Falto yo oe!

  46. Jota-Pe- THN says:

    No somos los mejores, pero siempre sacaremos cara por el Perú .

  47. Brayan Shuffler says:


  48. leonscitho says:

    ‘-‘ Y Entonces Usted Que Baila (?), Deberias Aprender Primero Que es Lo que
    estas bailando realmente

  49. Jota-Pe- THN says:

    Solo melbourne :33

  50. Alvaro Gutierrez says:

    ai falto iop!! pzzZ!!! jxjxjx