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DAB/T0ny shuffle compilation video

Hope you enjoyed it Tracklist soon guys My Crew Questions ? Don't hesitate (No spam)
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Pharoah- Zious says:

    I saw Nikki Kiss, and T1M.

  2. JEz, he is so great and damn cute

  3. Pierre Jacob says:

    hollow you are avery good shuffler.
    i want you in my frienslist in facebook.
    im a shuffler too.

  4. LKIIVipeRII says:

    What come back? Shuffle is still alive and it will be.

  5. Steven Carter says:

    Shuffling is making a come back?(x

  6. bluedream420z says:

    hella gets off at 3:44 …….

  7. Bayu Prakoso says:

    subs back !

  8. Fred Gamarra says:

    the new generation russa

  9. Amir Buslovers says:

    Tim crazyyy..!,, :D

  10. derVogt100 says:

    4:44 <3
    i wanna shuffle like hollow <3
    he's just a god (:

  11. LoL T1M 1:20 xD

  12. gustaGuy185 says:


  13. :O

  14. bruderization says:

    Yeah, and sorry that i express myself in that way, it’s just because i enjoy listening to those songs you’ve chosen, and thanks for putting it up. ;3

  15. LKIIVipeRII says:

    Okay, chill out. I’ll give it out tomorrow so share it.

  16. bruderization says:

    Tracklist soon: 2 months later (nothing)

  17. gustaGuy185 says:

    please song list ? :)

  18. Halesson Menezes says:

    Massive Dead Crew is Bass Prophecy

  19. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:

    3:20 Traktor’s shadow ;P

  20. TheJumpmaster5 says:

    Song with danger in it?

  21. Swagget Billybob says:

    tracklist! must have!!!!

  22. Daishon Alexander says:

    what is the track list

  23. Jupiterlyght100 says:

    DUDE. inspiring. 

  24. MuSiX M4dN3Ss says:

    wats dab stands for?

  25. Gujah jeah says:

    T0ny = best shuffler in the world for me!

  26. Amaury Zamora says:

    Subscribe me please

  27. Joe Krizna says:

    very Nice,.I like it 🙂

  28. futureradius says:

    Yah! super nice spins!

  29. EMOxHSR33 says:

    Nice what an amazing style bro you should tryout for Bass Reaperz in November .! You’d be in such a style that I’ve never seen hard and smooth

  30. Everybody can tryout for Daemon Acid Bass, it’s gonna be around december so subscribe to the DAB channel to be update

  31. MUZZI MPOFU CHEmicaLS says:

    Tony nice vid Bro but I have a question can I tryout for your group and wen is tryouts

  32. MelbourneShuffleWikiaTv says:

    Dear Shufflers,
    I am the founder of the Melbourne Shuffle Wikia,
    Want the opportunity to be showcased in an interview on our official channel and featured in an article on the Official Melbourne Shuffle Wikia? Email as to why you think you deserve to be showcased. Not everyone will be accepted as being on the wikia and featured in an interview video on our content is a privilege.

    We hope to hear from you soon,

  33. Kaplan606 says:

    I’m in love with this one. You have one the smoothest slides – spin tricks. I mean look at this spin 02:14. This is perfection!

    Hope I’ll be one day near as good as you are 😀

  34. Thanks for your feedbacks ! don’t hesitate to share this video to show what’s our melbourne shuffle, or simply if you’re proud of it

  35. NUCHAKU Jumpstyle says:

    Tony <3

  36. HSEHawkeye says:

    awesome tony

  37. TheBr0wn57 says:

    All the Baguette I would ever need in one video!

  38. Noise Phaserz says:

    5:21 what track is?

  39. Jintekshufflez says:

    nice tony ;)

  40. Novaa2103 says:

    sick :)

  41. D2Elegend says:

    amazing video man 😀 tracklist please

  42. RicoPacoWorld says:

    shufflers have caught my attention for a while now, and this is pretty much why, the speed at which they can slide, and the agility they can come to have, i just love every single stump that takes to dance like this

  43. TheYakisa says:


  44. Raikazu100 says:

    Wooo awesome man!!

  45. Whee Hardstyleshuffles says:

    The phat glows because he’s in a dark place