HR//: Abang Ben Compilation By: Chaos Trippy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “HR//: Abang Ben Compilation”

  1. SuperWikit says:

    hes always my idol ABGBEN!!

  2. Bl00dnoob says:

    forgot his shuffle pants ^^

  3. shufflegirl13 says:

    abangben is our hardstyle instructor

  4. Blind47 says:

    love his old school

  5. i wanna see him do a happy shuffle (when they shuffle crazy fast)

  6. Iknowpplz says:

    this was on one of his other vids including the other shuffle after, I’ve been looking for this vid for months and found it in this one.

  7. TauTweeXaZ says:

    1:03 omg awesome music+shuffling

  8. weirdyetrebelious says:

    Man This Dude Is A Legend *Hand’s Down..*


    so nice…and cool….

  10. lunnben says:

    full song list
    1st song is Blutonium Boy – Hardstyle instructor (hardstyle mix)
    2nd song is ASYS – Cheers (Kamui Remix)
    3rd song is Knockout – c
    4th song is Trance Generators – Do you wanna a ballon
    5th song is Best enemies – Phases (tby romantic mix)
    6th song is Danny Merx – Canto della liberta
    7th song is Activator & Zatox – I am what I play

  11. ShhaYdEe says:

    fuck hes so good

  12. rexonboy says:

    wow…you are so pro…..

  13. Luq Lut ali says:

    old school trying 2 learn it now i keep watching this video again and again i never get bored wow lol

  14. rudyf2387 says:

    second song is kamui-cheers

    abangben the best and my idol

  15. BloodRedCyris says:

    1st song is Blutonium Boys – Hardstyle instructor
    2nd dont know looking for myself :D|
    3rd song is Knockout – c
    4th song is Trance Generators – Do you wanna a ballon
    5th song is Best Enemies – Phases
    only that :p

  16. Viktrailee says:

    2:57 song name? please
    fucking awesome vid, nice editing 😉

  17. BloodRedCyris says:

    whats the old school song ?

  18. Shuyin343 says:

    fkn yeah 😀

  19. Luq Lut ali says:

    his the bomb

  20. wyncent lee says:

    abangben is the best hardstyler for me!!! super cool shuffler!!!! love him… =-X

  21. Luq Lut ali says:

    do anyone noe the song at 2:57

  22. narutoguy56 says:

    his friendster account is gone too

  23. what heppened to abangben?

  24. Luq Lut ali says:

    wats the 5th song

  25. song at 1:40 is knockout – c btw