SONGLIST: Synergy (DJ Madwave Remix) - The Anthem 2007 Backbiter - Psy Man GTP (Technoboy Remix) - Dj Tatanka When The Rain Begins To Fall [Megara vs. DJ Lee Vocal Remix] - Nouky

Girl Shuffle Compilation PART 1: THIS VIDEO Girl Shuffle Compilation PART 2: "FUTURE" PS: All my compilation videos are going to be from 5 minutes to 10 minutes long! (; SHUFFLERS IN ORDER [10 SHUFFLERS]: Niaa: - [IRELAND] Boe: - [UNITED STATES] Nikki: - [AUSTRALIA] AshiiE: - [AUSTRALIA] Lulu: - [GERMANY] Lærke: - [DENMARK] Lele: - [LITHUANIA] Priscou: - [FRANCE] CarliX: - [ITALY] Sascha: - [MALAYSIA] If you write anything bad/pervert about this girls your comment will be removed! I DO NOT want shitty comment or any negative comments on any of my videos! I DO NOT OWN ANY SONG[S]! ALL THE CREDITS GOES TO THE OWNERS/ARTISTS! TRACKLIST: 1) 00:04 - 01:11 - M'Black - Heartbreak 2) 01:12 - 01:52 - Max Graham - Sun In The Winter (Estiva Remix) 3) 01:53 - 02:21 - Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Toneshifterz Remix) 4) 02:22 - 02:48 - Karpe-DM - Seize The Day 5) 02:49 - 03:32 - Monophonique - THX 6) 03:33 - 04:33 - Dash Berlin - Surround Me 7) 04:34 - 05:46 - Luca Antolini - Mastermind (Extended Mix) 8) 05:47 - 06:30 - Diktraxx DJ Team - Scheetenlaatster 9) 06:31 - 07:26 - Luca Antolini - Powerfull (ACT 3) 10) 07:27 - 8:00 - Tony Igy - Stop in my mind http - Andrew


  1. AllDayHardstyler says:

    :40 eyegasm

  2. AllDayHardstyler says:

    Just bought some phats last night…. just realized that theyre the same as one of my inspirations, only green and white, not blue and white

  3. kellygabrielam says:

    I love william :-$ you’re so cute kisses from Venezuela

  4. Jessereth1337 says:

    Sooo goooooood.

  5. lugieatheorange says:

     YOU SUCK!

  6. 2:40 would be the best do ever if it were two different people.. But since its both William… That means…. Its better than best… Its bester deo EVER. 😀

  7. rafael duvan ojeda solis says:

    William or shecan explain your facebook haa siertoeres pro =D

  8. I love him .____.

  9. What happend to William his channel? i thought it was Skjump but i cant find it anymore… Does anybody know what his channel is on youtube?

  10. ToxicHIllusion says:

    Lmao, he was in the melbourne compilation 3  video that has over 31 million videos lmao

  11. mh3slayer says:

    who cares whos the best shuffler in the world you never saw any of them saying their the best

  12. ravedancer666 says:

    the pair i want is 170 there nice too

  13. zzirgrizz1235467879 says:


  14. OverDoseKids says:

    my fav. shuffler is Mikki .. there should be a William vs. Mikki vid ill be awsome ^.^

  15. MAhardstyle101 says:

    I’m not the only homo here right ??

  16. LMFAO i just bought my third pair of phats and i wanted something simple but not completely plain and i picked the sames ones as william and didnt reallise till now HAHAHAHAHA

  17. BigBoyTheorie Tim Seibel says:

  18. beybladingbagel says:

    I wish i had phat pants but it is so expensive like $200+ for a good pair…

  19. PresentsMoB says:

    xD He’s better then you could ever be.

  20. xAshleyxify says:

    His hair <3 . <3 not gonna lie he sexy (; oooooooh William Got Swaagggggg ^.^

  21. Dylan Williams says:

    William could beat your ass in a battle you dirty cunt! FUCK OFF!!!

  22. Zkutr Jones says:

    Hmmmm last I checked you didn’t see u with a compilation! >:D SUCK IT HOE!

  23. Yes4Jumpstyle4Ever says:

    Niec hair bro . That’s your style . Love u William : 3

  24. Amazing shuffle!! LOVE IT :D

  25. temorin hoshigaki says:

    ive just started shufflin really but im alright and i know when i get my phat pants ill be one step closer to being owned by william again..


  27. SpikkySHF says:

    Larke mesmo gordinha dança mais que muitas meninas magrinhas por ai.

  28. lovepuIse says:

    Lol, right. You’re ignorant ^_^ She’s big yes, does that change the fact she’s a good shuffler? No. She’s probably even better than you LOL. How heartless and shallow can you be that someones appearance could humor you, unless of course you’re an immature asshole which i assume you ARE by your childish lingo, and username ‘lordofthenoobs’. I’m sorry you have to spew hate online and towards other to feel a little better about your self you depressive fuck =)

  29. Guille Flor says:

    Funny because shes fat. Umad.

  30. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    Not really :)

  31. alcoholmage says:

    too much editing haha

  32. jumpingOegi oscar gonzalez says:

    goood : D

  33. que geniaal! 😀 aunque son de el mismo genero de shuffle, tienen estilos unicos! 🙂

  34. lovepuIse says:

    I don’t see what’s so funny, She’s a good shuffler. Asshole.

  35. Marco Valenchino says:

    And Lele is awesome in jumpstyle too… in fact, the best i’ve ever seen

  36. Marco Valenchino says:

    Nikki! My favorite of this video too

  37. mirrorme2k112demax says:

    Carlix is well the best :O

  38. PDRandRAZOR says:


  39. ShuffBassBaby says:

    lærke is danish. im from denmark. i should vote for her, but srsly.. SHE SUCKS. ._.

  40. RayAndThunderGuns says:

    Niia and lulu best

  41. moises750r says:

    un video buenisimo , nice compilation 😀

  42. Juliete123456 says:

    I like Lulu’s shuffle….

  43. @carollmonster123 If you are then I would like to say you are a awesome shuffler and have an extremely sexy body!

  44. DafneKarina909 says:

    dam she is fuken good

  45. Cory Lalonde says:

    I have nothing bad to say about your styles… an awesome!! TNK Cory CANADA

  46. Daniela Vera Gómez says:

    Wooow i love nikki and her style .. agressive e _e.. , not like other girls , too soft D;.

  47. TruckHardstyle says:

    :L oh god!!!

  48. carollmonster123 says:

    Heyy! So I’m the 1:15 qirl,lol I JUST saw this video…looks dope af, but this isn’t my best video.haha I look dumb….check it, I just uploaded a new one today.(: thanks.

  49. hot girl at 1:15 🙂 ♥