i think row is the best becouse he.s my fav shuffler 😛 Songs ASK: WWW.MELBSHUFFLE.COM.

Melbourne shuffle in estonian xDDDDDDD.

50 Responses to “HSR row shuffle compilation”

  1. Evaldas belenkas says:

    HSR sucks HSK ruled..

  2. 00000joker says:

    row rocks dude 😉

  3. HSKMikkiJericho says:

    And hey! weirdyetrebelious. you are such a dumn ass. there is already a HR
    Hardstyle Republic. i know you just want to sound cool. you heard about it
    and want to take it. stop being so gay

  4. johan121394 says:

    plezz song

  5. Craig McRoberts says:

    Faved 😛 5/5

  6. HSR/Razor says:

    What’s the second song?

  7. Alex Chin says:

    everyone is equal for me so dont get to hyper or hipi

  8. blacksupermanq says:

    yeah i actually HATE it. like it makes me mad how people think he is good.
    and i do think other are good like Rocky. Mikki. Sacco. Instinct. Hsj
    Cruz.. BC Francis.

  9. Bowralhardstyler09 says:


  10. 1shufflz1 says:

    Dude ur not on CS or anything iight, ur on utube, dont call people NOOBS on

  11. MrsIzzieMurder says:

    whats the name of the first song???

  12. Craig McRoberts says:

    Oh, Song at 1:39 please?

  13. nope hes not iam 🙂

  14. @MrsIzzieMurder Make it faster.

  15. peoplexeatxcake says:

    wuts first sing

  16. >.> yeah i feel the same way

  17. VzRSUICIDEVzR says:

    row style is weired 2 me

  18. who does the remix for Harder Better Faster Stronger? great vid!

  19. silentrocker24 says:

    duz he still shuffle?

  20. DutchSStyle says:

    sacco totly owns row..

  21. HRfusionhardstyle says:

    lol at ur fave shuffler bein Rowe bud haha, u should check out
    ex-HSA/Rocky. fuck u’d cream ur pants haha XD

  22. j u used move maker can u tell me the transisions plz

  23. PunchAPeach says:

    @xXwhat1100Xx Row joined HSA in November 2007, but the crew disbanded only
    2 or 3 months later.

  24. gekkejoey4 says:

    heeeeel goed echt goed

  25. HubbaProduction says:

    Mikki all the way ^^

  26. Anton Titarenko says:

    voo zbz ja ob etom uze dumalnada sdelatj tipo takogo!!! molodca

  27. Shuffle teami on pakkuda ?

  28. Artur Mihhailov says:

    zbz vidak cool nice work and nice music skinish muzqku kak nibut’ xd

  29. xDDDD!!!!!!!

  30. Roman Zubkov says:

    NEED HELP the song name that plays on 1:50 till end anybody help ?

  31. Название последней песенки в студию

  32. pizdato kak vsegda molodec!!

  33. dark5sandro says:

    music at 1:50 please

  34. крута

  35. prikolno snjato v tallinne _ja prosto iz Tartu

  36. fulljumper100 says:

    suht hea.

  37. tnx!!

  38. lav you xDDD kleeevaaa)))

  39. пипец в Вирушнике такие чуваки )) я незнал что так много людей в Таллинне
    занимаются этим видом танца хДД

  40. jõhker:)hästi lasevad:)

  41. nAizShuffle says:


  42. väga hea et eestis ka keegi tegeleb ja arendab shufflit. Tublid!

  43. BoHr das is mal sau geil !! 5***** Könntest du mir das Lied schicken ??

  44. davai na sleduwi nedeli prihadi ja pridu:D:D

  45. Afigeeennoooo!!!11

  46. 1 чувак его им сслучайно не Кирилл(sidzei)???

  47. askaLOVEhardstyle says:

    molodec! ^))

  48. KrIIklaNe says:

    Kui keegi saaremaal shufflib, võtke ühendust! Thanke!

  49. cooltuber13 says:

    @romkaman the prophet – clocks

  50. HMinorCold says:

    Ähh aga mina?