Yes, I got bored and made MYSELF a compilation, laugh it up... But I'm going to be gone for a few months/weeks/maybe longer. So enjoy. ----------------------...
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this is my fifth compilation and sorry for the christmas shuffle compilation there were malfunctions with my windows live movie maker. if i get 500 views i'l...
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25 Responses to “IDexI Shuffle Compilation”

  1. Riot can shuffle says:

    it really looks like you one-step O.o don’t know but you should think about
    training two-step

  2. IDexI Shuffle says:

    So I can look like everyone else?

  3. Riot can shuffle says:

    hey its fine with me. its your style 🙂 but two step is the real RM

  4. Keenan friday says:

    @neonspark21 Why you dont got HSU impact Sdr/Michael Sicky D:

  5. neonspark21 says:

    @MrPlasticSpoon sure how many videos you got bra

  6. Damon Basaraba says:

    EPICCC!!!!!!!! Any chance of tips? Pointers? PLZ HALP Lol

  7. KayThxByee says:

    make compilations of people who shuffle now, there are thousands
    compilations of rocky,mikki, sacco, instinct, francis and so on, dont get
    me wrong, they are the best shufflers and they are the reason many people
    started shuffling, but use other people too, like the HSU clan they are
    awesome, another is HDM ReLikT :d

  8. MrPlasticSpoon says:

    Nice compilaton 😀 Can i be in one of your compilations

  9. TriesToShuffle says:

    Would you mind putting me in one of your compilations? 😀

  10. EarpollutionSML says:

    waiiit whatttt the fuuuck? i saw this video long ago o.O wtf happened to
    the original or wtf is going on im confused.

  11. MrPlasticSpoon says:

    @neonspark21 Awesome thanks 😀

  12. iTz Chinji says:

    Very nice ! Subbed 🙂 Would be an honor if I could be in some compilation
    vids 😀

  13. Joshua Gil says:

    WTF website still down i wanna register so bad but it keep on saying
    Maintenance Mode

  14. Space Patrol Delta says:

    😀 -DeeDayy

  15. Joshua Gil says:

    @MrPlasticSpoon you have videos

  16. Pakyakachu says:

    Saw the old school style and auto liked.

  17. iTz Chinji says:

    @neonspark21 So far, only two.. but Ill upload more and more onwards. I
    expect to be atleast one video every week..

  18. neonspark21 says:

    @DreamShufflerZero ok then how many uploaded shuffle vids you got

  19. kurtis everett says:

    would it be possible for me to be in one of your nxt shuffle compilations?

  20. neonspark21 says:

    @joshuagil1 well you see i registered before it went down so that’s why but
    it say’s it’ll be up some where next month maybe or 2 months

  21. neonspark21 says:

    Tip #1 hand moves – always know that you know where your hands are moving
    like raving, just like sacco Tip #2 Shuffle style – always know your moving
    style, always stick with your same hardstyle move, just like Sacco again
    you know how he sticked with the same style and hand moves so yeah that’s
    all I know Tip #3 forgot number 3 if your gonna do your extreme spin like
    every shuffler put a back pack on to support your spin put a little bit of
    weight in your back pack so yeah that’s all I know

  22. neonspark21 says:

    @MrPlasticSpoon aight man it will be done saturday k

  23. MrPlasticSpoon says:

    @neonspark21 If you mean uploaded videos i have about 12

  24. Nice ^^ BI – MaYaa

  25. OriNicholas says:

    whr is ur songlist? its over 500views……