1000 views! WOOOH!!! 2000 views! YEAH!!!!!! 3000 views! WOOT!!!! 4000 views TOTES MY GOTES!!!!!! 5000 views HOLY KITTY LITTER TITTY LICKER!!! These are some of the shufflers that inspired me to shuffle. Shufflers are in order: -Spinachcookie -HSA//Sacco -Bulldog -HSU//IMPACT -HSA//Rocky -Francis -HSK//David -HSK//Mikki -HSU//BoneZ I know that these videos are copyrighted from other people and do not intend to use them for profit. I know that these songs were compyrighted. I do not intend to use them for profit in any way. Spinachcookie- Unite by Noisecontrollers Sacco- The KGBs - Fahrenheit Summer Sensation - DJ Hixxxy bulldog- In the End by Blademasterz IMPACT- We Come and We Go by Brennan Heart Rocky- Techno Boheme by David Sonar Headwave (zatox remix) by Machinehead Francis- Smack My Derb by Alpha Twins David- Tune by 2-Playaz Mikki- Patrick Bunton - Young Birds (club mix) Push, Universal Nation Steve Hill VS Dark by Design Bass mix BoneZ- K. ReAvEr - Sad side of fate (Power Gated Kicks Mix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Inspirational Shuffle Compilation”

  1. MrTjalling14 says:

    spinachcookie inspired me 2!!

  2. SonicEdgeHsw says:

    I reckon it does. Lol.

  3. BFHSshuffle says:

    Sacco has like three vids with this clip. Two of them are Farenheit by The KGBs. Regardless the song doesn’t change the video. It’s just the quality and then being downloaded off his channel. Songs don’t change any effect.

  4. SonicEdgeHsw says:

    Not the same song at all.

  5. BFHSshuffle says:

    It’s the same song though. I’ve seen Sacco on higher def videos and he’s not very fast. Just the blur of the camera from being too low resolution.

  6. SonicEdgeHsw says:

    I’ve seen the original. I think the music created the illusion in this case.

  7. BFHSshuffle says:

    It’s the camera quality. He looks faster because the camera sucked lol. He was moving fast so the camera just blurred it making it seem faster.

  8. Bacon Green says:

    Bulldog wins hands down.

  9. SonicEdgeHsw says:

    Are you absolutely sure? Unless the music has that effect.

  10. ShuffleDrifter says:

    I did not speed it. I took it from Sacco’s risk1710 channel. I just copy and pasted, and he did NOT speed it up.

  11. SonicEdgeHsw says:

    The second clip for Sacco, it is sped up. I’ve seen the original. But still god like. ;D

  12. THIForceOFFICIAL says:

    BULLDOG <3

  13. ShuffleDrifter says:

    Yeah, do a video in jeans or something, it will be likely near the same effect.

  14. Stentendable says:

    I have yet to find a good melb shuffle comilation video which doesn’t have HSK Mikki in it. He is the best!

  15. lilrod102 says:

    Ok im inspired

  16. ChaoticKilla1 says:

    You forgot to put HSA/Rocky on the Shufflers in order

  17. DJ GINGER says:

    im the 5000 view =P>

  18. Briian Rojjas says:

    ja me encantaaa 😀

  19. oh i didnt see that ty 🙂 (watch my upcoming video 🙂

  20. ShuffleDrifter says:

    Look in description

  21. whats the name of the last song???

  22. 2:06 blueeeeee *O*

  23. mexicankid971 says:

    i did not say it to offend

  24. ShuffleDrifter says:

    Look, if you don’t like it go get a good camera for them.