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23 Responses to “Jumpforce UK Compilation, Made By Carter Media Styles™”

  1. iXLuciferFilthXi says:

    3. Blutonium Boy – Inferno
    5. Mega Sound – Headhunterz
    9. One & DJ Wragg – Creatures (:

  2. Brandon O'Connor says:

    3. Blutonium Boy – Mystic Soundz =D

  3. Rasmus Wilchen says:

    what is the name of the song at 3:45 – 4:21

  4. Rasmus Wilchen says:

    1:45 – 1:50 look at the guy in the bagground with the ball xD

  5. lamxung5000 says:

    WTf TEcktonick

  6. Song at 1:53 please :)))

  7. maxothatank says:

    6th song is The Headhunterz – Megasound

  8. does anyone know the song name @1:43 @.@

  9. Bad techtonik – dude with white hoodie at 4:20 – looks like hes fighting a swarm of wasps!
    Good techtonik – dude with pink top at 4:50 – looks like hes fighting invisible ninjas!
    All in the technique : )


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  11. tyler keleman says:

    dam thay killed it dude shuffle for life from Sweden

  12. The uy at 4.35 loks like he dosent have a clue what to do with his self 😀 😛

  13. wendosomquty says:

    online asian wives

  14. iXLuciferFilthXi says:

    Teaching them wont kill. LOL.

  15. omgyellowsnow says:

    Adrenaline just made this video good

  16. alinasofials says:

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  17. iXLuciferFilthXi says:

    I like the 3rd beat.. anyone got the name? D:

  18. keelanbiggz says:

    hey buddy where abouts in the UK you from?

  19. hollieyuh2k8 says:

    Wow Dis Is Amaazin 😀

  20. Adrenalin takes the best tektonic i had ever seen. 5*

  21. hardyfreak123 says:

    2:39-3:46 is ivan cartsen bumpin hard original mix

  22. hardyfreak123 says:

    i dance tecktonik,at first it was hard and when ur used to it its easy and u learn moves faster…
    I really friggen like melbourne shuffle…i wanna learn it so badly…

  23. #5 is Megasound by Headhunterz