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Singapore D.S.P -LboVboE-Melbourne shuffle compilation 2013

This video is actually for HanYing , who is actually going back to her hometown soon . Hope she can have a better life when she get back 😀 Look forward to s...
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33 Responses to “Jumpstyle and Shuffle Compilation 2013”

  1. WeYveJump says:

    It’s a boy 😉

  2. Anthony Cubero says:

    O.o Nuchaku new style omg! HonTerZ-Jumptek like

  3. Vedr Jumper says:

    awesome movie! :*

  4. Kevin Jumper says:

    amazing episode!!)) i’ll be in third part 😀 BIG like <3 Kevin |DFL|

  5. Zachary Tempest says:

    Wonderful job from all the jumpers, and shufflers too! 😀 It was really
    great to watch! 🙂 If you could, can you tell me the song for Odamus’ part?
    😮 Again, awesome video and editing, Nuchaku! 🙂

  6. Tkay Jumpstyle says:

    Nuchaku :’* Skilled ! Never give up !

  7. NUCHAKU Jumpstyle says:


  8. Gianna Pellegrino says:

    Gotta love this episode =3

  9. NUCHAKU Jumpstyle says:


  10. Yeah ♥

  11. NUCHAKU Jumpstyle says:


  12. SQBrotherZ says:

    amazing comp ) nice shuffle and jump good idea ) Stumz

  13. Dalter Jumper says:

    track list please <3 NUCHAKU amazing episode!!))

  14. team ヲタ芸J says:

    nuchaku wow wow wow

  15. Dom.iz / World-Stylerz says:

    Thanks for the feat ^^ Dom.iz

  16. Роман Скрипець says:

    трек лист можно?

  17. NUCHAKU Jumpstyle says:

    SpinerZz POWA

  18. NUCHAKU Jumpstyle says:

    Merci :p ❤

  19. Joe Krizna says:

    nice compilation.. Like 🙂 #JumperBali

  20. NUCHAKU Jumpstyle says:

    Content que ça t’ai plus 🙂

  21. HardstyleDiezel says:

    Frontliner enfoiré ^^

  22. NUCHAKU Jumpstyle says:

    Thanks bro <3

  23. The Supernatural eMPii says:

    hell yeah 😀 this is nice shit :DD LIKE & SUBSCRIBE __________________
    greetz from germany eMPii #Worldstylerz

  24. AlterCentral says:


  25. Jumper Butters says:

    Whats Scot’s song in 2:36? Pleeeeease! I need it!

  26. GothDropsPK says:

    next time use a camera stand and make the camera stay at one position it
    will look better unless you have an idea haha

  27. yeah. you’re shit

  28. Asians’re powerful

  29. yeah

  30. bassNelectronics says:

    The guitar playing part gets me annoyed needs more variety

  31. kucing itam says:


  32. Melbourne shuffle , you are a shit :))

  33. Law Ralph says:

    WTF is this shit???