One of my favourite tunes
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 Responses to “Kai Tracid Too Many Times”

  1. clockworkuser says:

    Ło jeso jaki oldskol ^^

  2. MegaGiulio95 says:

    La ascolto sempre a tutto volume nella mia MINI Cooper S: in particolar modo quando corro oltre i 200 all’ora!!! XD

  3. CompletelyClear1 says:

    Beautiful girl !!!

  4. 1982interista says:

    perche’ hai rimosso il mio commento?

  5. johnnybobo09 says:

    Love this song it tells the truth about X.T.C give’s you the best buzz when you on it but the next day is not so nice

  6. LATINOSTYLE17 says:

    very nice video and such a great rave song:-)

    ps. that girl on the clip looks like : Jenna Haze ( a pornstar xD)

  7. TheQueenScorpio says:

    i love this song!!!!!!!and i think kai tracid is good artist too!!!

  8. reeeeenei says:

    woah… goosebumps.

  9. GEORGE21GREECE says:


  10. MKDRammstein says:

    Well, he’s a German! No need to explain more. Perfect!

  11. technet0 says:

    Doskonały kawałek a teledysk też daje do myślenia…

  12. platone32 says:

    grandissimo Kai…

  13. tyskie87orange says:

    klasyk 🙂

  14. TheEuforix says:

    Too many times…

  15. iUnsanity says:

    I love this song, i heard it a few summers ago in the middle of a binge, and it saved my life

  16. nathanweston80 says:

    Well Done good choice. Takes me way back

  17. greshadj says:

    now old days,but still rocking good kai….2010 year

  18. MrHughes1982 says:

    this is a great tune

  19. Tomika202 says:

    ezt érzem minden 7végén….

  20. Tomika202 says:

    ezt érzem minden 7végén….

  21. Tomika202 says:

    ezt érzem minden 7végén….

  22. WarriorOfLucifer says:

    OBVIOUSLY tells about extacy. Exactly same feelings.

  23. good one 🙂

  24. ostenmalthe says:

    Old times XD

  25. Dennys1986 says:

    ging damals gut ab, tuts immer noch

  26. Valerio says:

    Ciao ragazzi vorrei tanto imparare a ballare la shuffle ma, i tutorial in internet non sono molto comprensibili allora ? Consigliate !

  27. Roootmooot says:

    I think Kai tracid’s musique saved my live today…