Korea electro dance x Don't stop x melbourne Shuffle x Krocha x Meet up x 멜버른 셔플

song 1. Beat Service & Ana Criado - So Much of Me Is You (Original Mix) 2. Rescue - Reachin (Teaser) 3. OVERWERK- Buzzin Dancer CP ...
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Just Some Casual Electro Swing Shuffle

Tracks: 1st clip: Caravan Palace - Clash (filmed in New Orleans in June) 2nd clip: Kormac - Wash My Hands (A real gem) Just some casual fun and practice. Enjoy ;] http://www.djkormac.com/...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Korea electro dance x Don’t stop x melbourne Shuffle x Krocha x Meet up x 멜버른 셔플”

  1. Reed Arroyo says:

    the quality and editing is really good

  2. Jakub Sierakowski says:

    keep what you doin’, good joob – quality, edit and shuffle ;)

  3. Bemtevi Souza says:

    MIM FORAM 3.10 A 3.25 SEGUNDOS

  4. Shuffler PISA says:


  5. Evgeny -CanAction- Demin says:

    Wooooow,great quality,50 mm lens?
    What camera?

  6. hopperbtime says:
  7. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ허헣어엉ㅇㅎ엏ㅇㅇㅎ어유ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  8. 你好啊

  9. pandahok says:

    my word u guys <3

  10. Taiwan Shuffler SКЯ™ says:


  11. Jackson Ji says:

    클라스 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  12. TJS 阿樂 says:


  13. Raver Mustang says:

    Great dancers of korea

  14. Shuffler Reviors says:

    amazing camera’s

  15. 어메이징…..루틴부분에서 각자파트로 넘어갈때 진짜 입벌리고봤어요 와ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 크록하도 정말 재밌게봤습니다 😀 셔플과 크록하
    모두 굿굿!

  16. James RealmWalker Johansson says:

    Loving it!!

  17. dan k famous says:
  18. Omg nice !!

  19. 멋있다라는말밖에안나온다는..!

  20. LeePpaengYong says:


  21. CP RAVER says:


  22. Tazz Shuffler says:

    you are visionary

  23. 张新宇 says:


  24. 노대경 says:


  25. AKD pierrot says:

    와유~~역시 뺑용이형님 ㅎㅎㄹ잘추십니다..ㅎㅎ 다들 다잘추시네요 잘보고갑니다.^^

  26. Sean Curley says:

    whats with all the shuffle experts and critics.. fuck off like hahaha shes
    just dancing, 

  27. Drut agem says:

    Shuffling and electro-swing don’t mix….plus if you’re going to dance to a
    classy song on YouTube, wear the right cloths for it, that means no flip
    flops or sweat pants!!!

  28. Gold Vulcan says:

    Ok I wanna see the bloopers. How did them flippy floopys not fly off lol

  29. Sorry J-pop dancy girls.
    I have a new love.

  30. Are flip flops the best shoes to do this in?

  31. lluuttzz says:

    Now THATS a girl! Really awesome shuffle! I love your style ;)! Keep it up
    girl, you rock!

  32. Candace Shawtyy says:

    very pro

  33. jamesaka2 says:

    Very very very impressive! I want to learn more about this now! 

  34. Martin Havelka says:

    thanks god it’s friday … #friday #electro #swing 

  35. i love ur style ! keep goin. 4 ever ! 😀 

  36. Errol Moser says:


  37. Bob Hamilton says:

    LOVE THIS! How can you feel down after you watch her dance?

  38. Sebastian Truta says:

    damn she’s hot

  39. Mihai Blaze says:

    3k pedos liked this vid…ur on the go kid, just practice more…

  40. Quick2000 says:

    Her Dog probably has his paws covering his eyes! No doubt! What in the
    world is she doing when she is not doing the running man? I am embarassed
    for You young lady!

  41. Chinmayi Dore says:

    awesome girl..you go xxx

  42. Wow! In flip flops on concrete. Amazing!

  43. Richard Fofi says:

    well I think your great & it looks like you had fun

  44. Radek Cernik says:
  45. THE FIRST RyeLenDum says:

    Girl you look so good

  46. Bluh Nitram says:

    Okay, how are her flipflops not falling off in the beginning?

  47. Johannes Marschall says:

    when girls do the shuffle, their boobs do the jumpstyle :)

  48. Spencer Kraisler says:

    What song?

  49. xxxxl2009 says:

    love this vid and your channel.great stuff.

  50. Ifoundthisoffensive says:

    And with some chanclas!