KTD2K12 Compilation. Some of the other members couldn't get their clip in. All edited by Kreate: www.youtube.com PS Rendering messed up the ending a bit. Featured Shufflers in Order. Koolaid Kolors Kreate Airoh Kosmek Layzr Blast Kiddoh Chimme Jimmy Jazz Mist Happyfeet Savage Jessica Jayboi Ritchie Missy Reso Marissa Rasec Rythem

A vIdeo that has nothing to do with Melbshuffle.com

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48 Responses to “|KTD| Compilation 2012™”

  1. Neto Rocha says:

    sick all

  2. ALeeh ALX desing says:

    whoaa beautiful crew man 😀
    love this.
    sub back pls??
    ALeeH TIHP || BD || BAg
    from brazil

  3. alex javiel nouel says:

    NaMe Song

  4. alex javiel nouel says:

    Happyfeet you’re beautiful love baby….♥♥♥♥

  5. alex javiel nouel says:

    que mmg el del abrigo rojo

  6. alex javiel nouel says:

    Songs please..

  7. alex javiel nouel says:


  8. Yal go beast :)

  9. Janely Atilano-Rodriguez says:

    <3 Kreate <3

  10. Che Regalado says:

    Thanks 🙂 – Koolaid

  11. jonathanlopez1579 says:

    This KTD was better then the one there is today

  12. LiddoJazzy Robles says:

    richies beast

  13. hazrul noruen says:

    style.can i join this crew?

  14. emiliothecreator says:

    Whats Kreates Song o:

  15. Nick villalobos says:

    itz pussy sex xD


    Can anybody tell me what’s layzr’s song!?


    layzr song please!!!!!

  18. gladiola altamirano says:

    What’s Happyfeet’s Song ?!?

  19. 214brutality says:

    hey im a bboy (breakdancer) from dallas nd im heading out to los angeles for thanksgiving nd would like to see sum shuffling dat u guys do, first hand, txt back nd i look forward to seeing yall

  20. Jonathan Rojas says:

    wats airoh’s song? ;o

  21. Dominant Methods says:

    Sony Vegas

  22. Eric Gonzalez says:

    what kind of Video editor do you use? can anyone tell me please?

  23. scootmore94xD says:

    ATB – Ecstasy 🙂

  24. Can somebody gimme Ritchies song?;o

  25. Patrick Meehan says:

    aw it took you 1 year to reply to my comment? and my oh my have you learnt some big words I’m impressed, but your still a tool, regardless.

  26. Are you abortion survivor with the red phat pants, because you look like a spud.

  27. CykoMelody says:

    i never said there wasn’t a group that doesn’t support hard style. But your speaking as if everyone that enjoys hardstyle supports your opinion. Which is indeed, untrue.

  28. I’m sorry, but there is a whole scene out there that supports Hardstyle. It’s in Europe where it originated and only getting bigger. 2009? I don’t think so! Open your eyes!

  29. CykoMelody says:

    Your right. They were part of the shuffling history, but just like anything today, the dance has evolved. It more diverse and more spread out. Speak for yourself when you decide to use words like “we”.

  30. Wolfe Campbell says:

    No. You sir, need to go suck a lemon.. Mmmk?
    Cause.. Like.. Sacco, Mikki, all them will always be part of the melb shuffle history. They are LEGENDS they are bi-winning. Unlike you..
    The style we have today. It’s gay. Simple. It sucks. Sorta like you..
    But yeah. Hardstyle, we miss it. We loved it. So you go QQ and all that, while we watch this video and reminisce about the good ol’ days..
    Sound good?

  31. CykoMelody says:

    imovie… lol

  32. piemaster4 says:

    Sony Vegas?

  33. you really dont know shuffling then. Even the best of 2007/08, did it with poise and grace, think about it, MiKKi with his smooth glides, Instinct not a fast shuffler, Rocky always looked balanced and smooth and francis with his well timed, to the music spins, which unlike sacco, didnt make him look like a downy

  34. these people make these video to be shown on the website/forum, youtube is a means of a medium. these guys are entertaining to watch and all of these guys who are still in 2007 mindset need to get with the times

  35. CykoMelody says:

    im going to go ahead and ignore your comment because you have no idea how this video became to be.

  36. piemaster4 says:

    To people that have seen and practiced lots of melbourne shuffle, this compilation of new shufflers does seem more skillful. however, its just not as entertaining to people with the ‘naked’ eye as the first compilations. which btw is MOST people. if this is to express not to impress then its ok. but since its obviously to impress people since its on youtube, it didnt do a very good job, hence a lot of the comments.

  37. Love the music choice on this one. Reflects what they got pumping out in the clubs these days. Kinda want someone to get some hardstyle back in the scene but I can’t complain b/c I’m a huge fan of electro/house

  38. ComedyTree says:

    THEY MADE A 7TH ONE?!?!?!?! O.0 i never knew this but this video is really good great job guys 😀

  39. gunslinga4 says:

    Next time you gotta build a waffle fortress, to keep out all the haters.

  40. LOL
    Me: It’ll be okay little boys, take a deep breath and calm down.

  41. p4rtyp00perz says:

    Omg i am no longer naive…i see dancing!!!and shuffling!!!this looks like an art not “stomping them cockroaches” as my friends father puts it

  42. *Applauds*

  43. AusShuffleHD says:

    for starters ” hardstyler” im pretty sure hardstyle ins a genre of music, also mikki sacco row etc are all shit faggots and this video is bad fake video is fake

  44. i respect your opinion, but I must say that you should actually know that dancing, not just shuffling, is not about speed or techniques.

  45. Hardcore1239 says:

    Im very sorry but cmon wtf happened to the good old days with Mikki,Sacco,Row and all the other pros. They knew how to shuffle. This isnt even considered shuffling to me. The key to shuffling(in my opinion) is how fast you are, spins,kicks,and running man. Sorry but i think this is the worst one ive seen.

  46. mrshuffle99 says:

    i no man this blows hard i miss the harder style of shuffle not this kind 🙁

  47. joshgotskills says:

    i personally dont think this one didnt have that much bass and wasnt hardstyle enough…..

  48. CykoMelody says:

    lol… irony