LEDzn Melbourne Shuffle Compilation part 3/3 2012

READ THE DESCRIPTION Thank you for supporting us. Thanks for all. Shuffler in order Nick* / Channel* Mehkay - http://www.youtube.com/user/Oyrahol Nightfall -...

21 Responses to “LEDzn Melbourne Shuffle Compilation part 3/3 2012”

  1. LEDesign2011 says:

    Valeu <3

  2. Prihh N.A says:

    Muito bommm mesmo s2s2s2

  3. LEDesign2011 says:

    Thanks for 29k *o* Love u guys <3

  4. Maciek Mackiewicz says:

    2:50 bless from poland

  5. CrutialProductions says:

    Girl Shufflers <3

  6. Michael Gonzalez says:

    i found number 5. its Andain- Promises vs Nadia Ali- Pressure
    lol your welcome ^..||

  7. Michael Gonzalez says:

    Does some 1 knows the second song :’o?
    i want to make a video with that song :’O

  8. BSMSRecords says:

    Bro please I am LEDzn Drugg really you say that? ‘=’

  9. TheShuffleKeks says:

    it seems that u dont realy know much bout shuffle, there are different kind od shuffle, techno, malaysian and melbourne are the top ones

  10. BSMSRecords says:

    Melbourne Shuffle are the dance, Techno is the song and Malasyan are the style. Nice bro, so nice

  11. TheShuffleKeks says:

    It isn a MELBOURNE SHUFFLE compilation! its a mix between everythink, techno, malaysian and melbourne ._.

  12. TheShuffleKeks says:

    1:50 WTF ^^

  13. Addicting Kaos says:

    Faz melhor então .

  14. bloodseek3rz says:

    whats the song name used for andreezy???

  15. BassMasters Headhunterz says:

    eu sei reconhecer quando e brasileiro , se ouver duvidas , os que dançam com um belo plano de fundo(barro,etc..) são brasileiros

  16. BassMasters Headhunterz says:

    só demora 17

  17. rodrigooIPH says:

    Dançam bem,aonde vocs moram ? 😀

  18. LEDesign2011 says:

    Realmente acho que estou muito longe de ser parceiro deles…

  19. yeah …

  20. SirUncleCid says:

    Da hell happened to the t-step?

  21. LEDesign2011 says:

    And? I did not ask anything