LEDzn Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Part 3/7

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50 Responses to “LEDzn Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Part 3/7”

  1. Nice compilation ! It’s great ! -Spectra-

  2. Track name at 5:32? I about shat when the bass dropped…

  3. LEDesign – Spends time with amazing edits, Never puts a track list XD

  4. MaCiAcHo17 says:

    Good Comp :]

  5. LEDesign2011 says:

    pode comentar em PT eu deixo u_u OSAOKPSASKAOPSAKOP acho que agente era

  6. song name at 8:50 please.!!??

  7. Lucas Suzuki - Acksy says:

    BOA COMP. só errou algumas músicas ^^ — Acksy

  8. Mark Anthony says:

    grande shufflers

  9. MATA; MUSSEK :3 We are Mexican Shufflers 😀 Nice video :3 HSU ~ KloN

  10. MultiGrayfox says:

    nightfall and Ice ?

  11. NellyLowkz Cuhh says:

    down 😀 mn i always watch your vidds madd probs im not going to tell u that
    your edits are dope cuz u already know :p

  12. angelowsalzer says:

    aaai que comp linda s2 5*+fav _thpice!

  13. THP | Bassmaster ; Yuuh -q says:

    Velho namoral ameei<3 hicky que edit foda shufflers melhores ainda# lindo o
    compilation : Vlw por me colocar *- *5 Yuu hTHP

  14. JumpingRosario says:

    lol, how stupid you are 😀

  15. Radissol .Blue says:

    amo esse edite pqp! *_* , eu to na comp pela primeira vez!! *_* , vlw Hicky
    seulindo! liked and favo – Radissol

  16. SickyShuffler555 says:


  17. David Arzola says:

    This edit is actually good. (Y) Good shit I enjoyed it!

  18. Sarul Sotan says:

    Kelvins style reminds me a bit of Kidd 🙂

  19. Khairil De Zulfikar says:

    LEDesign – awesome edit, makes numerous of great compilations, but same
    shuffler.. xD

  20. Radissol .Blue says:

    HD / Radissol ):?

  21. Felipe Gasparz says:

    Muitoo foda.. egg man tu editar mtoo lindooo’ eu gosto mtt’ Perfects Styles
    ! Perfect COMP’ obs: faltou so eu ai kkk D: Ga5pAr.Z

  22. AAAH! Eu fiquei lindão nesse slow ai no começo! ahsuiHAUIhaiuAH… Boa comp
    nego, thanks por me colocar! Do caralho mesmo! <3

  23. Radissol .Blue says:

    hahahahaha XD <3

  24. LEDesign2011 says:

    errou música? kkk

  25. David Lolo says:

    Very nice shuffler’s , great comp man : )

  26. super BOSS

  27. lilromeprince says:

    are u guys going to day of the dead?

  28. Anytime , awesome family here 🙂

  29. segahlowkz21 says:

    you guys dance amazing , FTS keeps it original <33 *-* , hope i meet up
    with yall on the next events 🙂

  30. monsterbunnybear1 says:

    Krewella killed at the suckin garden (:

  31. Wish I ran into you guys that night. Nice vid

  32. Jordan Miller says:

    Fuckin knew it! Lol can’t believe I actually remebered yall just randomly
    looking up videos, crazy

  33. FTS Shuffler says:

    Yep On Sunday During Dash Berlin’s Set 🙂

  34. Jordan Miller says:

    yall were at EDC las vegas 2013, right? in the left corner by the mega

  35. Jordan Miller says:

    shit man, ive learned so much just watching yall. so smooth, so fluid. wish
    i could have a crew like that. keep doing what your doing, much love

  36. Cecilia Saldivar says:

    Love my dragons <3333

  37. FTS Shuffler says:

    It’s Always Fun Hanging Out With You, Glenda And Your Friends! We Gotta
    Hang Out Outside The Events As Well 🙂

  38. FTS Shuffler says:


  39. FTS Shuffler says:

    Thanks Omar :,)!

  40. HelloImAlfy says:

    everyone did good. sick ass night 🙂

  41. Julian blank says:

    Fuckin amazing crew !! Wholian//FO

  42. Omar Cortez says:

    FTS is a beautiful as krew <3

  43. It’s always good hanging out with you guys 🙂

  44. Thevinhchi! Keeping it smooth and simple. I need to rock out fawk.

  45. TheDirtyIvan Sanchez says:

    seshing with you guys at night was dope! you guys are all clean :)- Ivan

  46. david Torres says:

    Woot woot im in the video!

  47. My fam full of KILLAHS, Sick as Night. FuckenToSick! -Alecks|FTS

  48. kriptohhernandez1 says:

    I was lost for hours so hanged out with most of you guys .. Sick shit wish
    i came out 🙁

  49. cant wait to see you guys again /:

  50. Es todo brothers, bien hecho! Saludos desde Tijuana.