Legend Of Shuffle

New video featuring French Legend Of Shuffle.. Loo-Ping.


  • Alex House
    I'm guessing he might be French..
  • Aaron Seidl
    Who knew Jason could dance so good! He never wanted to kill, he just wanted them to see him shuffle!
  • DelgadorTv
    Exploration of space <3 Cosmic Gate. annyone watching this in 2016?
  • ErinWatson X
    amazing shuffler i wish i could do that
  • y-u-gen
    1:06 is my favorite part xD
  • Arcane Twix
    I knew french people can shuffle well, they have to escape fast from mazis so they make the floor to ice
  • TheFiloguy
    Who still remembers Francis the #1 Melbourne shuffler king?
  • timothy Mothy
    you make floor like a ice 😂❤
  • Akiira Ln
    Son n°1 : Battle 2 The End
  • Son n°2 : Overload-Ganjaguru
    Son n°3 : Canto Della Liberta
    Voili Voilou ! :3
  • Woody_pr
    Some people say he's not that good but what i really like its that he doesnt look like he's trying hard the dance looks like something so easy. I wish i could do that :C
    French shuffling, Melbourne shuffling- SHUT IT! Me and the other Neanderthals were shuffling back in the Stone Age. Raves in the caves, discos with the dinos. You young 'uns haven't a clue.
  • neder Crusader|
    OMFG! This dude is amazing, I can't even walk properly xD
  • Albert c
    I have train for five years finally can do 1:08
  • Viger Emmanuel
    gg avec notre drapeau francais j'adore
  • Sean Clark
    Some people say he is still shuffling to this day.
  • Kurt Weidlich
    I am already learn to shuffle and i will not stop till i can shuffle like that guy in the video... love his style... awesome

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