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Sydney Shuffle Compilation *2009*

Best of sydney shufflers sorry to the people who werent in it, i couldnt fit everyone in ill make another compilation in the future 🙂 Shufflers in Order: Amnesia// Sonic THE// Mark0 Amnesia// Black HSi// A-Lusion HSi// Markoyz Chaos// Trippy HSi// Skitzo Amnesia// Rockett Amnesia// Yugiiohh Amnesia// Phantom Chaos// Timps Chaos// Lankz THE// Sesso THE// MzGrk Amnesia// Physxx Amnesia// Vexen HSi// Tripp Chaos// Shinoobi SONGLIST! --------------------------- 1. Dj Wag - The Day The Earth Caught Fire 2. Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane (Album Mix) 3. Luca Antolini - Contatto (Original Mix) 4. Hell Twins - Hardstyle Hill 5. Audio Damage - Rock It 6. D-Block Vs Tha Bazz Pimpz - Freak On It 7. Alpha Twins - Sick Fuckers (Qlimax 2006 edit) 8. Josh & Wesz - Alexes 9. Dj Wag - The Day The Earth Caught Fire 10. Cally & Juice - Dj Millo - Fucking Trip On Xtc (Second Trip Mix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Little Kids Shuffle Compilation 2010”

  1. alex cruz says:

    what is renz song.?

  2. alex cruz says:

    renz and anton are amazing shufflers! keep it up

  3. Frank Depetro says:

    Shaax looks my home girl like for real repley when u see this shaax

  4. kaleb0213 says:

    of course hes asian

  5. snop snopula says:

    anybody knows emos song???? and author if you do pls tell me im subscribed

  6. Shuffle Chick says:

    Kool video I like it … I love to shuffle but I dnt have any videos yet

  7. gsauceda0725 says:

    And i want shaxx to be my girlfriend

  8. gsauceda0725 says:

    I can shuffle better

  9. poop peters says:

    little boy is so cutie

  10. SHUFFLExBoTx4RiLL says:

    yall r ight…

  11. Sarai Garcia says:

    i am much better angieloxz channel

  12. comando2124 says:

    liam is the best

  13. The 1st Song is
    Dark by Design & SMG – Walking in the Air …

  14. kyuubilinkinpark says:

    Who’s the artist to the song Shaax shuffled to?
    These kids can really fuckin’ shuffle! If I ever have kids, they better come out shufflin’. 😛

  15. YnotShuffle says:

    KIM♥ :>

  16. tealc1234567 says:

    whats kims song?

  17. cuteandscene says:

    haha 3 now

  18. Enrique Soto says:

    Anton song : Zatox So High

  19. song least please!!!!

  20. RBskyline2011 says:

    Anton is Really good ! 🙂 thumbs up if agree

  21. Greenshufflinggirl says:

    No affence i can shuffle better then that !!!

  22. Joslyn Shuffles says:

    Kim & Anton Best Oness <;$

  23. WuzzyFuzzzy says:

    I just wondered why do they always have to hold their heads?

  24. Enrique Soto says:

    i wish i can be like anton

  25. techdude73 says:

    yup thats right in Sydney we shuffle like pros.Everyone and i mean everyone O.O

  26. NerdGirl90210 says:

    yes finally i found some from sydney 😀 i looked at the melbourne shuffle one and there mostly asaians, i finally found some awesome sydney guys who can actually shuffle, nice vid guys, btw can girls join this shuffle group?? just wondering cos it seems to be all guys :/ but still awesome moves guys 😀

  27. Nice

  28. rockkettt says:

    yeah go suck ur own doodle then

  29. Australia has heaps of epic shufflers but i am one of the best.

  30. Nice vídeo 😀
    this is my shuffle style

  31. Matthew Datson says:

    melbourne shuffle FTW!!!

  32. warriormax97 says:

    Supprised there’s no D.o.B.

  33. this is an awsome put to gether how do u enter ur vid to get into a comp?
    + whats the first song its perfect for wat i shuffle 2

  34. TrueSaga426 says:

    HOLY SHIT…. A – llusion at 2:46 is friggin crazy!! (:

  35. ReMiiKsModz says:


  36. fuck yeaah franga!!

  37. man i remember amnesia lol it died then it was like hsf and then hfx and that died too lol i was in hfx 🙂 jai let me in :DD but it died so lol fail :S i need a crew now yousof can u reccomend any?

  38. frankston damce ahha im in franga neva heard of it 😛

  39. 321skully says:

    look at the date, sydney shufflers shit on melbourne now…

  40. not as good as melbournes shufflin

  41. xxHardStyleSaintsxx says:

    a-lusion bro XD *5
    great vid 5/5

  42. there wont be a next one

  43. xD woops lol..sorry

    hopefully ill sseee you bass lunatix at the meetup on boxing day

    cheers 🙂

  44. haha nonono look at the date of this vid
    this is old,

  45. ROCKETT:) Amnesia new? i thaught you were in bass lunatix??

  46. gotta love it 😛

  47. liquidreven says:

    haha the frankston dance made it all the way to sydney, stupid pill poppers!

  48. haha thanks!!

  49. D-Block Vs Tha Bazz Pimpz – Freak On It

    Try not to be so fucking lazy next time 😛