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T1M SHUFFLE TIMELINE 2 || youtu.be PS SONG LIST RELEASED Amber D - Amber's Theme (KloneZ Remix) Da Tweekaz - Shined On Me Josh Lang - Sawtooth Highway (Original Mix) Alex Kidd and KK - Kiddstock Theme 2009 El Grekoz - Disco Neilio - And God Said (Original Mix)
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48 Responses to “Malaysian shuffle compilation (Best of 09/10) (Mini Version)”

  1. m3xican981 says:

    this shiet is not malay -__-

  2. i want that 3rd song :3

  3. tuasperdulejeu says:

    oh ok dude lol i was just putting that out there for everybody not just for you haha i first confused cali with mas too.

  4. linkinfartz says:

    Lmao dude that comments so old that was before I knew the difference between
    MAS and that cali shit

  5. tuasperdulejeu says:

    its mas: look at how they plant their heels

  6. drhuggibear says:

    fuk its hard to find real malay all that keeps coming up in the search is cali shufflers who think there doing malay style

  7. This is REAL Malaysian.

  8. This is REAL Malaysian.

  9. eddy31248 says:

    @aztect211 this is Malaysian… The original Malaysian… The Malaysian you see around is the rip off version of this one, this is the first Malaysian shuffle, and in the malaysian shuffle used hardstyle. Js.

  10. aztect211 says:

    dude this more melbourn shufle

  11. linkinfartz says:

    This is melbourne not mas

  12. xXRayray64Xx says:

    I think this is more of a melbourne style of shuffle. Your also using melbourne music

  13. shuffles209 says:

    is this a diffrent type of malashian

  14. PhDLeon2K says:

    ” mas ” is just short foe Malaysian man XD

  15. WrathRogue says:

    Sweater? It’s call Hoodie. Dumbass.

  16. fadedblu3 says:

    hardstyle shufflers wear gay sweaters

  17. Hilly1sme says:


  18. D7Double7B says:

    is malaysian shuffle and mas shuffle the same??

  19. KreepsnGhost says:

    VERY GOOD Shufflers
    -Kreeps GTW MH

  20. shuffleholic1 says:

    dude yah fucken sick 10 out of 10

  21. Gin132456 says:

    u forgot zmile xD

  22. incAshton says:

    dt tj pump it

  23. Ingrida Bernotaite says:

    Psycho !! Nice ;ooo

  24. bosniankid801 says:

    song list?

  25. No, I am not T1M

  26. o is this t1m cuz like I’m really not sure. idk really watch ur vids constantly

  27. I don’t watch Bleach at all

  28. how often do you watch bleach?

  29. your edit is always sick:D love the edit:D

  30. 周彦杰 周 says:

    顶啊 开场好帅啊

  31. how about you check out description of this video, or try finding song in the comments ?

  32. Rainbow Heart says:

    No, I want the first first song, at 0:00 , x)

  33. come on are you blind or something ?

  34. Rainbow Heart says:

    Song name at the beginning?

  35. knightlord344 says:

    music list please 🙂

  36. Он великолепен)

  37. Graeme Menagh says:

    I favourited this for 2 reasons. Because you used a few of my favourite songs, and because it’s T1M! +_+ -Graeme

  38. R0bertChen says:

    NICE My favouriter.

  39. leandronos says:

    i don’t know that’s the problem i thought you would know cause i love this song :S

  40. so what’s the right  title of this song Sherlock ?

  41. leandronos says:

    the song of josh lang is wrong i downloaded the original song and it isn’t this :S

  42. Dominic Nguyen says:

    he adds so much different dace styles it makes it look like hes god

  43. yea yea…you know better

  44. Alex Lipkin says:

    Really bad track choice. Doesn`t suit his style at all.

  45. Felipe Rossi says:

    nice complation

    Amber D – Amber’s Theme (KloneZ Remix)
    Da Tweekaz – Shined On Me
    Josh Lang – Sawtooth Highway (Original Mix)
    Alex Kidd and KK – Kiddstock Theme 2009
    El Grekoz – Disco
    Neilio – And God Said (Original Mix)

  47. MuSiCkiLL8or says:

    @JDawgS13 You can’t call this “stolen” because I also wanted to know the track names 😉 But thx! btw: Song @ 1:13 is shined on me – da tweekaz

  48. MuSiCkiLL8or says:

    All right! Gotta send this link to evry1 =)