This video is to promote Melbourne Shufflers from the United States of America. Hey guys , I'm back with a brand new compilation, second in the series. I spent alot of time editing this , took me about a whole days worth and night. I added heaps of new people, mostly those who requested, and if I specifically forgot you, please don't nag me or flame me to death, just kindly ask and I will make sure to feature you in the next compilation, there's just too much people to handle in my mind. Well, enough talk, hope you guys enjoy and Go American Melbourne Shufflers! Keep it rocking everyone (: Sincerely, E4TR1CE. Shufflers in Order : Mac G. Cecil Stan Toxicwaste Tuan Brandon Katastrophic Bao Bao Rokr Elegend Slip Purple Capsule Dom Khy Opraces Paradise Darkestblade Dean Lego (Ukraine Shuffler) He was visiting chicago Ebanks Squiiid Ultra Xjetao Aaron Justin Cameron Nestor For Songlist, watch the video throughout, the list is provided. So don't ask, thanks. NOTE: If you want to be featured in the next compilation, feel free to ask and drop a pm to E4TR1CE. New people, New Songs and better Editing. USASHUFFLERZ 001 MIXTAPE 002 MIXTAPE ALSO CHECK OUT SHAUN T'S NEW TRACK IN FLUX AT TID
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25 Responses to “Melb Shuffle Comp (USA) Volume II – Visit”

  1. Stylez1001 says:

    True, I can see it’s still popular over there, good to see.

  2. saxonsiphon says:

    the melbourne shuffle isnt as popular anymore in aus but yea i hope americans can bring it back 😛

  3. Frederik N says:

    Check out my shuffle XD

  4. monsterahh says:

    I wanna be in the next one |Snoopiiz|

  5. LookItsTempo says:

    were is the asian shufflers promo

  6. XF13XCnqstLvr says:

    I’m offended now…

  7. Nah, Asians are the best ><"

  8. hahaha 10 months ago are you that bored to trace comments back that far? and americans are europeans.. lool

  9. shut the fuck up you European piece of shit!

  10. LetsDeathCore says:

    who find you the songs ?:)
    Tel me pls 🙂

  11. Nitr0usIII says:

    LOL whats up with stan?

  12. haha hardout

  13. haha i guess , all the ones that end up in new zealand are assholes tho , guess we just get the dickheads lol

  14. TheFurySpark says:

    KATASTROPHIC, you’re the best of all ^)

  15. kasumimatsuri12 says:

    crapy songs change it to like alpha twins smack my derb

  16. Great Video Guys, Should Make Volume III ?

  17. MultiNovaTeam says:

    @NHshaynne not all Americans are cocky D=

  18. Eugene Man says:

    Lego is sick.

  19. lmao. see, your being cocky, saying your great. thankyou for proving my point 🙂

  20. UsaShufflerz says:

    OMG Really/? 

  21. america sucks my dick 0.0 na pretty good shuffling but i just hate americans . cocky cunts

  22. Melbourne is a city in australia o.o

  23. pacecanshuffle says:


  24. AuZZy4EvABROs says:

    mac g is a fucking miracle

  25. It says it on the video right before the song starts XD