Melbourne Shuffle by Josh and Jason in Sydney. Feat. Jonii(bystander) and Kei(guy jumping off) This is our 2nd vid in like 9months? O_O so yeahh sorry if we'r abit rusty..=\ Heh and NO...

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle 2009”

  1. EmilyMayLYVA says:

    *drops to the floor* whoa! that was RAD ^_^

  2. Dalton Stewart says:

    Completely off shuffle topic (great shuffling btw) where did Jason get his
    hoodie? lol.

  3. ToxicSinMuffin says:

    AHH haunted house xD

  4. DespisedSTI says:

    why post a comment this stupid, everybody is going to disagree with you,
    including me. so fuck off we dont want to see your jerk crap.

  5. silentambush0108 says:

    dang all of yu guys are jack ass’s, if you dont got anything better to say
    keep your fuckin mouth shut, ur not ganna do any good to any one so go jerk
    off with ur cat if thats soo much more better this you bitch’s

  6. ClusterFcuk23 says:

    anybody know the song at 2:15 plzzzz 🙂

  7. Gianni Jascodin says:

    and how many times did you kikk on the table bevore you make this video?xDD

  8. Luciano Filippi says:

    muy bueno el video suerte bye GHB/thunder

  9. Cristina Napoleone says:


  10. jeffperez100 says:

    wow u guys sre the shit!! haha i like!

  11. First song: Technoboy – War Machine I’m not sure about the rest of them.

  12. its funny its got 2009 on but like the tracks are like so old :L

  13. ell0ohh0vee0ee says:

    this is amazing! i love the graphics..u totally isnpired me

  14. Dactylion says:

    It’s true.. we do dance like that down here .. hahahah…

  15. austin obrien says:

    gotta learn to be light and quick on your feet

  16. toonzyadigg says:

    @earthmagekl7 OMG tnx MAn i been trying to find that song!!

  17. 13MattyyD13 says:

    wat happened to thae dude that jumped did he land on another building? or

  18. cute xD.. nice shuffling! keep up the good work!

  19. Frederico Santos says:

    What’s that remix of technologic? Cheers

  20. bsaravin1 says:

    no its not that song can you try again mate

  21. EvanBidney94 says:

    1:53, he’s like “dude stop im trying to have no life”

  22. 12344321jkjk says:

    posture is key

  23. mazapanseafight says:

    this vid is fucken awsome

  24. Kaupo Lembinen says:


  25. earthmagekl7 says:

    OK!!!! Song at 3:00 After about an hour looking for this song, i finally
    found the technologic remix…. It’s DJ Gius – Things To Do (Dr Cox Remix)