Finally Compilation 13 is out! Hope u enjoy it! Shufflers Sub Them! Ninja (AngelsOFBassCrew) Zebru (ChinaShuffleVampire) Kai (Kreyezshuffle) Alex (Bing2k8) R...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 13”

  1. Khairil De Zulfikar says:

    @MrAgent0022 it’s Kai not me….

  2. Andre Serox says:

    THX *_* -ser0x

  3. XxH44G3NxX says:

    Nice Shuffle *-*!

  4. MelbourneFTW says:

    Great compilation man! i enjoyed 😀

  5. David Moore says:

    Amazing video. thankyou so much for putting me in 😀 Alex -GAME.

  6. Tomas Loktionoff says:

    SICK COMPILATION BRO! Great edit. 😮 .. You’ve done great job. Weren’t for
    long time subber, but I don’t regret that I did! GOOD!

  7. Luke Agren says:

    @MrTecktonikboky yea i forgot some shuffler to add…. 🙁

  8. RoyalsChamp5 says:

    MAT ZO!

  9. Nathaniel Von Hartleben says:

    can i get song for jinjins part?

  10. MrAgent0022 says:

    the best are : Kay, Ninja, Nightfall

  11. DasHackii says:

    oh and.. JINJIN+nightfail <3

  12. Marc Reeb says:

    F***ing Nice ! 🙂

  13. RBPresents says:

    Haha, i’m there in it! Thanks for putting me in your compilation! :*

  14. Luke Agren says:

    watch in 720p for no offbeat

  15. Mads Elholm says:

    Awesome shufflers, awesome edit! LUKE! :-* Thanks for puttin me in bro <3
    RED - RaXx <3

  16. DannyBoyWins says:

    you looking for anymore shufflers? :OO cause id love to be in a video ^^

  17. Luke Agren says:

    @DasHackii haha 😀

  18. Amix aka Faithbreaker says:

    nice compilation 😀 HOTB//THi//HR//AmiXx

  19. lol bei jinjin welche lied ich muss es wissen bro.!! dazu shufflen is der
    HAMMER..!!! wär geil wenn du song list schreiben würdest oder zumidest das
    lied … ach und NICE COMPI weiter so… greetz zZ0DeXx

  20. Luke Agren says:

    @zZ0DeXx haha danke xD

  21. UpsetShuffle says:

    i love this collors <3

  22. Khairil De Zulfikar says:

    @CwalkAgren wouw dude chill! ok ok i take back my words 😮 sorry

  23. Patrick BlackRain says:

    JinJin *_*

  24. Sokka AWS says:

    Perfect Guys Like! Keep up!

  25. Luke Agren says:

    @WhatTheHeck430 yea i forgot many…. always forgot man 🙁