Some of the best shufflers from around the world here except me lol Tracklist: Steve Hill vs Dark By Design - Forget The Past Crypsis & Kold Konnexion - Dust...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

melbourne shuffle compilation, best dancers (mikkiz, sacco & rocky)

here is a compilation of three best shufflerz, enjoy.

38 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2009 Part 2!!!”

  1. africansouljah says:

    @MetalUnit haha nice compilation, thanks 🙂 check my profile preview of new

  2. meekingj01 says:

    HAHAHAHA POXXY and AuxY mad edit, mad compilation lovedit box

  3. swissballify says:

    Yeah mean edit. do you use sony vegas or adobe?

  4. vegas 🙂

  5. David Vandenbroucke says:

    Killer vid 🙂 *


  7. nice edit mate ; ) u should chech my channel 😛 thx 5 and fav 😛

  8. Breeno Coosta says:

    thx for adding me. awesome edit pro shufflers 5*+fav. Breno

  9. HiroTBchannel says:


  10. @XxneoGrishxX your a gay cunt buddy

  11. XESHADOWX says:

    idk Francis is pretty good 😛 though his style changed

  12. AAsshhllaann says:

    lol zee is in it

  13. Dimitri Blazos says:

    they guy at 40 seconds is pro

  14. Дмитрий Богданенко says:

    best 🙂 eeeeeeee

  15. hacksior1996 says:

    Nice, but u should do the widescreen. 😉

  16. gaby gleyberman says:

    good fucking comp bro gaby

  17. XESHADOWX says:

    One fast response :O jesus

  18. Awsum editing! =) 5/5

  19. SICK SONGS! *¬*

  20. nice compilation guys , you rock 5/5* NHC// NuTT [BRA]

  21. hahah at the end!

  22. i have man your in my comp part 1 😉

  23. yeah he is

  24. they’ve got names man lol, imzeh yeah hes the best

  25. uhuh uhuh says:

    Track List ?

  26. uhuh uhuh says:

    seguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuro XD

  27. lool

  28. PureHardDance16 says:

    What´s the song at 2:58 min., pls ?

  29. kkaarriisshhaa says:

    song at 2:29 ?

  30. MegaOnlypro says:

    sacco the best

  31. kkaarriisshhaa says:

    first song?

  32. the50centhugo says:

    @christatinho aaaa suuu maaadreee caaa, te dije que te la iba a explotar 😛

  33. Skategunz says:

    bueno ellos fue lo que impulsaron a muchos en el shuffle pero ya fueron
    superados pero siempren seran recordados como los mejores bueno creo que lo
    e superado a ellos 3

  34. Chris Armani says:


  35. the50centhugo says:

    d-block & s-te-fan – supernova

  36. 1234qwer8mile says:

    “Headwave” Machineheard

  37. FPKMASSACRE says:

    Song at 1:47 pls?? D: