The best shufflers worldwide in 2010-2011 Shufflers in order: 1. Arder channel: ArderH 2. Typhoon channel: sticmen343 3. Dusk channel: NHShaynne 4. Jboi chan...

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2010-2011!”

  1. ccshufflers says:

    nice comp mate, thanks for putting us in. BM//Bulldog

  2. Aurora Productions says:

    Arder looks like rocky and shuffles like rocky… Amazing…

  3. koy shuffler says:

    whats the name from secon 0:35

  4. koy shuffler says:

    whats tha name from second 0:35 typhoon

  5. Brad Kuksuk says:

    I’m Getting close to Rocky’s shuffle style . Check my channel

  6. Bulldog, rafinha and arder know whats up πŸ˜‰

  7. Rick Shuffle says:

    Nice compilation Great shufflers Rick

  8. Paulo Henrique Cavalieri says:

    man Nice Very nice *-* Like + Fav + All ;D Songlist our song 1:22 J-boi

  9. rafaeloutubro says:

    Great Video *_* Like & fav Thanks for put me Congratulations bro!!!!

  10. Brad Kuksuk says:

    If you guys like HSA Rocky you should check out my channel

  11. MikoΕ‚aj Cz says:

    please tracklist πŸ™‚

  12. MrTecktonikboky says:

    Thanks for putting me in mate! Cheers <3 Faved,Liked,Subbed. HR | RED - Boky

  13. boky nice sux πŸ˜€

  14. Jefferson Cruz says:

    Brasil representando (y)

  15. IMPACT’s kicks are too fast o_o

  16. which is the song of bulldog ???

  17. 1:46 what is song ??

  18. sooooooo much thanks for put me in bro! i really appreace it! s2 i like the
    shufflers you put in ^ ^ Arder

  19. Danny Gomez says:

    I think impact is good.. but not one of the best..

  20. thanks for the feature bro, nice compilation πŸ™‚ BH-Dusk

  21. 0:58 song name ?

  22. snowballemokitty says:

    How in the hell does bulldog do that. Its like he’s freakin flying.

  23. Nice ^^ – BI // MaYaa

  24. what are the songs that jboi and bulldog

  25. DarknessSurounding63 says:

    slideing like a pro πŸ˜€