copy right. I do not own any of these songs i do not intend to use them for profit all the credit goes to the genre and the artist. song list:ill put it up later or until someone ask for a song 1:Heatwave-like a dream 2:scope dj-the omniverse 3:Bioweapon-external vision 4:Zairon-Stand Up 5:noisecontrollers-stardust 6Max B grant-ground zero 7:crypsis-torture 8:recype-or what 9:Tatnka and zatox-hard bass

24 Responses to “Melbourne shuffle Compilation 2011-2010 by IMPACT”

  1. medala100 says:

    Arthur Klown <3

  2. MoblinsAndPoes says:

    Pheonix running man stomps…

  3. people still shuffle….

  4. THatGuyYOuLiKe13 says:

    He makes 2 stepping look bad!

  5. the first song makes me feel hopeful ^.^

  6. Riker Terronez says:

    Arthur clown’s style is like dead on with Mikki’s, except arthur does those near mid-air spins. c:

  7. my fav was the first guy, i like that one step kinda all over the place style 😀

  8. last guy was so good, he got paid in gum!!

  9. HSSxIlluzions says:

    Why isnt bulldog in the hardstyle part he heaps better

  10. Trey Gardypie says:

    you shouldn’t use so much nu style element songs :L just sayin

  11. TheRealButtcheddaa says:

    They improve the gliding illusion. It just makes it look better in general.

  12. antaris97 says:

    So it makes it look like they r floating around and not doing foot movments

  13. domorocks19 says:

    when people do the melbourn shuffle why do you guys wear those bootcut pants?
    i want an answer!!

  14. domorocks19 says:


  15. sntOwnz13 says:

    does it really matter?? atleast hes continuing mikki’s amazing style and hes pretty good at it

  16. GeoForReal says:

    dude where can i see more of ace’s shuffling??? i cant find him on yt :/

  17. Holy fuck, ACE IS SACCO!

  18. RhinosAreFatUnicorns says:


    what the fuck did i just see?

    the ground rotates under him???

  19. RhinosAreFatUnicorns says:


    what the fuck did i just see?

    the ground rotates under him???

  20. RhinosAreFatUnicorns says:

    he dopes have quite a mikki+rocky style, i like it. nice vid bro,

  21. Kalamedeath says:

    pheonix does 1 step rm :/

  22. TheOkinawanShuffler says:

    lol @ recon.6:09

  23. SeTiNgFlash says:

    No Ace,this is FlashMadi !!!!!!111

  24. Мади Рахишв says:

    Hello at the second minute you made misspelled my nickname here is the proof on my channel