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Enryoki Shuffle Compilation

Красивый путь к финансовой независимости! This compilation on 19th Birthday! May this year be your best ever. Subscribe m...
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50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2011 PART 4 | Songlist Released”

  1. Most of these people aren’t melbourne. They’re just califags.

  2. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @MrHardstyle67 Yes, I am – I just don’t know when (;

  3. ShufflerEPIC says:

    Your right bro.

  4. My first comp! omg dude i love you <3! -Mehkay

  5. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @Rockylols Do I!? & thanks man!

  6. MrHardstyle67 says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 can you plz tell me what’s the first song?

  7. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @josiak12 You send it too late (the compilation was already done at that
    time).. But I’ll put you in the next one! (; Dont Worry 🙂

  8. Nitr0usIII says:

    cool. i wanna be in a comp! (: subbed ! :3

  9. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    So what? 🙂

  10. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @ArderH You’re welcome man! (; & Thanks!

  11. @HardstyleAndrew1 haha abit.

  12. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @Hardy72k You’re welcome man!

  13. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @scaryaface It is Arder from Italy (;

  14. Joshua Davidian says:

    me to <3

  15. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @ELExterm4n4ter It is called Malaysian – And the MELBOURNE SHUFFLE is the
    shuffle called all in all – In the MELBOURNE SHUFFLE there are different
    types of styles like eg. Australian Style, Malaysian Style, California
    Style and so on….

  16. You look like KevJumba. I don’t shuffle anymore but if you want to see my
    shuffling vid, click on ‘Camera Test Too’. Nice compilations.

  17. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    HAHAHAHA! Sir, you surely don’t know anything about shuffling 🙂

  18. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @Oyrahol You’re welcome! (;

  19. TechnoCraver15 says:

    It’s good that shuffle is going back underground… Maybe someone won’t
    make another crappy pop video about it for the next millenia.

  20. Josiah .Beilharz says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 ok thats fair enough 🙂

  21. ELExterm4n4ter says:

    how dare you put gay malfailsian in this MELBOURNE video! SMMFH

  22. I’m out again. >< But a nice compilation! - Ruy

  23. ShufflerEPIC says:

    When sacco or rocky or mikki you know when the legends were around stuff
    like this was not happening then when idiots like you came into the
    shuffling industry. You guys just give credit to the wrong people(aka bad
    shufflers) then they left. the legends left and melbourne shuffle is
    falling back to just another underground dance. Dont put all sacco,s mikki
    rocky the hsa and hsk’s hardwork to waste. There is a reason we are making
    a resistance we really love the dance.

  24. TheRAP4EVER says:

    höhö risk is from germathe duo shuffle is epic very veryn gooodny

  25. ShufflerEPIC says:

    lol woah your sooo cool cause you can vent your anger with bad words.
    ooooooooh. Look and read your title carefully. I belive it says Melbourne
    shuffle compilation 2011 part 4. So your giving credit to good melbourne
    shufflers right? So why is there malay shufflers in there? Your a
    hypocrite. Your ignorant. You know nothing about melbourne shuffling. Oh!
    by the way compilations are usually ment to give highlight to good shuffler
    and give them credit to help them get big.

  26. Karpeev you should consider a professional career in editing bro!

  27. пипец … никогда не видел тебя … но это просто атас … забомбил так
    забомбил … ужасно понравился эдит … качество сьёмки на высшем уровне
    … в общем .. всё зашибись .. и одёжка тоже афигенная )) крч. …чо там
    говорить ..маладца *) Best Wishes from Mr.H!Ke . если не трудно ..скажи
    каким вегасом пользовался … ?

  28. @tr1k0r Thanks you 😉

  29. 4.18 song plsss

  30. с этого видео оригиналы удалил все) но те что есть сохраню)

  31. Didi Karasmanakis says:

    Song at 1:43

  32. SaintStomperzCr3w says:

    @Affonso9002 thx bro exAGS/Enryoki

  33. @bybio Спасибооо))))

  34. Elshoro SeBaa says:

    @Karpeev73 cold you send these song to my email because I really like. please

  35. Thomas Dykes says:

    Song at 4:30 Please! Im inlove with it <3 Thanksss! EPIC SHUFFLE! 5/5 BH ||
    LS; Temo.

  36. @2011SeBaaa ok)soon i relized songs

  37. TriniandVerde93 says:

    @Karpeev73 could you please tell me what the name of the song is at 1:43 ?
    I’ve been looking for it for about a month so it would be alot of help 🙂

  38. Sala Ieremia says:

    You and your friends are the best shufflers in the world in my opinion.

  39. ShuffleMaxioR says:

    Nice Comp. Nice edit. Like + Favo. -Maxior P.S First song name Please 🙂

  40. gerbendebruyn says:


  41. Franjification says:

    @gohin14 Thanks man. Are all you guys friends? Traktor, Fant1k, Enryoki,

  42. Carlos Kamuz says:

    What program used in the video pliss!!

  43. what is the song at 25 seconds? please and thank you ill love you forever

  44. xxessencexx61 says:

    @Hardstylehaha that guy at 6:18 is straighting killing it x) i love et

  45. секасный 😀

  46. Vitaliy Bondarev says:

    very nice 5/5

  47. Franjification says:

    Karpeev which one of these shufflers is actually you? I see you upload so
    many videos but I can’t tell which one is you 😀 Great videos and you guys
    are awesome. Enryoki you da man.

  48. @Lamatification I’m Fant1k aka Karpeev73 =) Thx. My veideo:

  49. Deivid Takashi says:

    Songs 1:16 | 1:42 ????

  50. Guys what is the song at 4:20 I want to get the full mix so I can rock hard
    to it!!!!! VF | BNS | AO – Tragix