Melbourne shuffle compilation [ 2012 ] AUS ; Part 3!!

Hope u like :3.

Produced Upset & WarBandiT BH TEAM The shuffle video compilation maked in the May, with april v...
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50 Responses to “Melbourne shuffle compilation [ 2012 ] AUS ; Part 3!!”

  1. Last song- Night that we dream of by Brennan Heart

  2. Thanks sosososo much for putting me in bro! Means so much! Great comp, Good
    edit(: 10/10 ~Twitch

  3. Radissol .Blue says:

    Wooow great compilation broo!! *_* thx for putting me! ;DDD!! liked and
    favorited HK – Radissol is a BassHeaven

  4. Song name 1:30 plis!! <3

  5. It’s ffsilostmycookie

  6. Kdabra Shuffle says:

    basski do jeitinho que eu gosto

  7. Song at 1:30 min ?? *–* ^^

  8. HB BIGMILES says:

    Steve hill-Masif Theme

  9. Dennis Lang says:

    1:29 SONGNAME ?? PLS!!!

  10. THP | Bassmaster ; Yuuh -q says:

    Radissol vsf- vuuuoou *5 Yuuh THProject – Bass Heaven-

  11. !! Thumb Up For Songlist !!

  12. minyshuffle says:

    fuck man i love your videos so sexy BK;scotty/Miny

  13. JumpingRosario says:

    omfg! thank you so much bro! i love you! :K <3<3<3<3 Rosario

  14. Nachen Castañares says:

    Thanks you man :3

  15. Can you tell the first song pls :SS

  16. Nachen Castañares says:

    -Basski -Twich -Sonikk -Jboi -Rosario -Radissol Thx for watch 😀

  17. HardStylerz ILLUSION says:

    song at 2:40

  18. stevemick520 says:

    do you know the first guy’s youtube account? I’ve been trying to find it
    and I’m failing miserably…

  19. HardStylerz ILLUSION says:

    sonikk song

  20. Paradise Shuffler says:

    first song * – *

  21. Riiver Sleepwalking says:

    ORGAASMOO! *-*♥ By: RiveR | NK-HK-BK-DHS-TF

  22. genial aus puro

  23. song at 2:38 please??

  24. ToddShufflez says:

    Who is that gay cunt at the start <3333

  25. Kdabra Shuffle says:

    first song plss

  26. May i know the song list? I really like all of the songs

  27. daniel carrillo says:

    nice video and nice shuffling awesome the first song *.* i like it, i love

  28. Андреев Николай says:

    where Sweet? :DDD good compilation 5* SF | Sweet

  29. EsePsykoLokote says:


  30. XxYopandaxX says:

    meows style is sweet 😀

  31. djaugmentor says:

    @UpsetShuffle um where is tracklist? i want to find 7:09 so badly (the
    song) 🙂

  32. NOVAD33JAY says:

    14 ppl cant shuffle

  33. djaugmentor says:

    @ZombieoJoe i dont even think this guy even responds 🙁 i really want the

  34. bUBBLE7174 says:

    MELONA ! <3

  35. vosousst02 says:

    1:51 pls song name ??

  36. Lucas Sousa says:

    @123flpen321 fmz…vc q sabe…se quiser grava…pra num fala q eu arreguei

  37. Marco Reus says:

    Joker and Crash =The best in this video

  38. Very Cool, how do I participate in compilations like this? ‘.’

  39. tracklist? 😀

  40. DJmelbourne1 says:

    this is malysian hardstyle :I

  41. Andrey Batuev says:

    overspeed is not a good thing… P.S. sorry for my English

  42. shira amit says:

    Tracklist ? 😀

  43. Mark Anthony says:

    ragastar,nia,joker,crash My Fav

  44. kevinzerox93 says:

    bro can u add me to your vids ? i was offline in the shuffle shuffle..xD
    but now im back. and i really like this compilation, there a very goood
    shufflers. =) Great! NERD | Zerox

  45. 1995hardstyleenigma says:

    my video plx waiting /watch?v=TKcFVY1-ee8

  46. Thomas Dykes says:

    whats the song that melona dance’s too!?!?!?!?!? Inbox me please!! when u
    gettin a songlist out!?

  47. Jettobazooka says:

    track list ?

  48. Przemek Szydlik says:

    Yeah!! Very nice!!

  49. Please describe the soundtrack of this video.

  50. THIS WAS A AWWWEEESOME VID!!! 😀 Bass Illuzion // MaYaa