Hey 🙂 Shuffle order in this compilation: Eneme Arkanciel Jester Lucian Phungus Roo SkyWave Stormii Styck Tonic Torzah Typhoon Umbriel Thanks for watching 🙂 comment and rate 😀

Part Two www.youtube.com Subscribe me 🙂 maybe favorite enjoy guys 🙂 this video for you 😉 Shuffle: Crash SpeedoDevo T1M O-Chibi Panich Eyri Aurora Traktor Hassan Compilation by Fant1: vk.com facebook.com Обработка видео: vk.com
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2012 by Stylus Part 3”

  1. shuffleOverKill333 says:

    Very nice shuffle bro subback plz 🙂

  2. Orochi Yoshi says:

    nice vid:D and hello everyone,i am a shuffler like so,my name is Yoshi:p and i would appreciate it if anybody can check my channel out and tell me if i am doin good on my shuffling:]please and thnx


  4. MetinStone says:

    Where is Traktor dancing??

  5. Jane Vasconcelos says:

    T1M <3

  6. aurora :3 and crash hell yeah!

  7. PoCEDMLBSHFL says:

    As a dedicated Melbourne Shuffler,a student,human being,etc. and in the name of LIFE,Melbourne Shuffle,E.D.M music,Art,Beauty and everything Beautifull please allow the world to be unveiled from the darkness of not knowing the name of the unfathomably Beautyfull artwork masterpiece track at 6:39 – 7:44, tEll uS and change worlds

  8. Nickodevil117HS says:

    so nice videoo! but song at traktor? :D

  9. dkaiamazreal says:

    O-Chibi That song is?

  10. CommunistSpyware says:

    More than a dance. Its a living thing. You breath it. It flow trough your veins. You can feel it down your foot. Shuffle is passion, shufffle is dedication, shuffle is life.

  11. Eyri definitely stood out in his part haha

  12. xAesirGOD says:

    T1m and Panich have very similar styles…

  13. hola c:

  14. tomykas29 says:

    effects and plugins used?

  15. 555jandro says:

    program with that edit the videos?

  16. blazejames47 says:

    Wonder what the first song is?

  17. satsugua96 says:

    Can you say traktor and hassan song because she is sick ! :O <3

  18. DJ GINGER says:


  19. DerDoDoxD says:

    Song at Panich pls…

  20. giancarlo alfi herencia villalobos says:

    song list  please!!!!

  21. Song at panich

  22. Zaytox Fluxy says:

    Dark By Design – Hate

  23. gota love eyri! 🙂 go hard or go home 😛

  24. gr8 edit dude! best shuffle vid ever seen, but… How am i supposed to go sleep without knowing the freaking songnames???!! 0:24 Songname PLS before i get mad O.O

  25. 周彦杰 周 says: