Shufflers in Order: Sicky Phungus Arder Louise Bulldog Basikoz Dimarok Mickeyz Zebra BASSik Sean Song List: Wasted Penguinz - Within Wasted Penguinz - Follow...

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2012 | By: Twitch (Songlist Released)”

  1. Joel Boyd says:

    I remember when all that mattered was shuffling, I am basikoz in this
    compilation, those were the days now its the occasional club rock

  2. MegaPhungus says:

    I love how Sean just kinda pops out of thin air xD

  3. Anonymous_Fanatic says:

    Saves the best for last

  4. TrickGhoost says:

    Compilation muito foda Curti d+ Bass Jokers – Trick

  5. arder? i guess 😛

  6. umbreontest04 says:

    Ur name ? e-e

  7. HardStylerz275 says:

    Sick edit! what bulldog vid is that?

  8. Philip Dean says:


  9. TechnoCraver15 says:

    Guy at 3:10…I want his hair.

  10. CoDySHDMX says:

    Nice video bro!!…Bulldgo and sicky..I love style!!! 😀 like bro! 🙂 att:
    NK | HSL | MM | BD // CoDy

  11. Jaye Sawyers says:

    I’m not in the video D:

  12. SickyShuffler555 says:

    awesome :DD

  13. Nice comp man! eA| Junin

  14. FFSilostmycookie says:

    Awesome compilation! *.* Thank you for putting my in! Liked and fav 😀 I
    don’t feel like should be in a compilation with those shufflers though xD
    there way better =0 – BASSik

  15. broooooooooooo i really love it! ^_^ khiihi thanks for put me in it ;DDD

  16. wow twitch sexy comp whats the song Mickeyz zebra and bassik shuffle to?
    Its sexy *-* (like u) NK | BD | HSL – DaGo

  17. MegaPhungus says:

    That’s because no one would ever make a LMFAO compilation. Atleast I hope

  18. Greta Sala says:


  19. ShufflingJockeboy says:

    Shuffling Sean FTW! 😀

  20. MagicKShuffler says:

    mad CCs bro 🙂 awesome edit your better then me LOL sick line up to awesome
    vid all togother <3 KI | HSF | BN | EARTH | Magickk

  21. TriesToShuffle says:

    Y U PUT ME LAST?!? Lol 😀 I wish I could still shuffle like that…

  22. ShufflerEPIC says:

    ehh hardstyle is too hacky hard trance is more smooth

  23. Skategunz says:

    O.o nice compilation bro 😀

  24. Trey Hosley says:

    Nice Compilation Teagan 🙂

  25. Crisyratops says:

    very nice 😀 i sub