Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2012- More Then Just a Dance.

songlist will be on the discription here, Hey guys, here it is! I had a big number of people to choose from, i mainly picked friends, insperations and people who i thought deserved it (: please guys, dont be childish becuase you didnt get in, im going to have alot more and remember i still have your clips so you might get lucky 😀 I had alot of issues editing, one stage lost all my work when i was at end so had to started again and then left out half the shufflers that were meant to be in it... enjoy guys (: Shufflers - Saam Star Siemens Neville Hackii Hicky Maly Chloee Niaa Radis NIghtfall Tierny Traktor Silos Breno Sayron Deanling
Video Rating: 4 / 5

copyright: i don't not own any of the songs in the video. i do not intend to make a profit of any of them. all the credit goes to the artist and dj /producers. NEW COMPILATION :DDDDD \songlist:later or until some ask :DDD 1:crypsis- get hit 2:max enfocer and frontliner- on the go 3:noisecontrollers- on the go ( defqon 1 anthem) ( Nightrunnerz remake) 4:dark by design-candyman 5:tatanka-don't move (crypsis mix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2012- More Then Just a Dance.”

  1. D0minat3ful says:

    if anyone wants to see something new, /watch?v=18FNwohnORg&lc

  2. Tasserboy217 says:

    Song at 1:00???

  3. MrTjalling14 says:

    song 1:00?

  4. FallenRipperWNB says:

    Indeed i am one of those idiots and im gonna stay that idiot c:

  5. danielgtaiv says:

    Breno the best (;

  6. antdaweeze13 says:

    This is good, and I’ve been shuffling since back in the 2007 too. The phats are getting old now and in my opinion they looked really stupid. None of the guys in the video were just jumping around, they all had unique styles and they were good. You’re just one of those idiots who say everything in the past is better… grow up and move on.

  7. samyboy55555 says:

    hahahahaha xD

  8. FallenRipperWNB says:

    yes i get it that the want a own style but the hardstye in 07 was the best to watch and for me its better than all else. Oh and im gonna keep living in the past i like it 🙂

  9. tigermanify1 says:

    Some of these guys shuffle weird o_o but most of em are good

  10. Leor Flor says:

    Thank you for the sarcasm 🙂

  11. D0minat3ful says:

    Your comment is irrelevant and stupid. Next time comment with a relevant point.

  12. KaosShuffle99 says:

    Would you consider putting me in a compilation Coreyy?

  13. ShufflerBeciQ MAS says:

    Guys… You got my respect! :)

  14. Leor Flor says:

    Better I wouldn’t say but evolved in a different way.
    It is okay to keep loving the oldschool, is okay to be creative and make radical changes in the dance keeping the main basic moves RM, Shuffle and kicks but please accept the differences from ages and styles.
    Now all shut up and enjoy the music because hardstlye is what make shuffle universal and unique for everyone.

    P.S: LMFAO don’t shuffle.

  15. RamPaGe93HST says:

    Nice compilation! Like! 🙂

    Traktor is awesome! 😀


  16. D0minat3ful says:

    You obviously are living in the past.
    Phat pants are hardly used anymore because they make anyone look good. It is harder to look like an amazing shuffler without phats.

    None of them are doing c walk norr just jumping around. /watch?v=z_QIpSIF0RM if you look at this, this is called electro shuffle. some people may take the moves out of other dances and put it in to their own to make their unique style and not all look the same.
    People have gotten much better than the 07 times.

  17. FallenRipperWNB says:

    what the hell happened in 2007 there was true hardstyle good music all was good. Todays music is just WTF ! and where are the phats ? the PHD and BioHazard hoodies ? the awesome harstyle ? where is all the epicness ?
    some put the retarded cwalk in some were jumping insted of shuffling dude what the hell. Sayron the only good one in the video

  18. Nerak -pi says:

    Chloee *-* Traktor♥

  19. D0minat3ful says:

    Sorry i seem to have forgot it. I’ll get it to you soon! 🙂

  20. nine53katze says:

    sorry for the stupid question, but what is the last track (7:19-end) ?  cant find it on the list. thx

  21. nine53katze says:

    sorry for the stupid question, but what is the last track (7:19-end) ? cant find it on the list. thx

  22. nine53katze says:

    sorry for the stupid question but what is the last song in this video (i cant find it on the song list)

  23. emi amouna says:

    song at 3:00 please ?

  24. Vlad Can Shuffle says:

    HJCofficial,, i wouldn’t sit quiet for these words,
    I would go practice more XD

    ( made me laugh corzza ツ )
    don’t know if you saw, check my video dedicated to DasHackii ( not best qaulity, but i think i make the progress ◔‿◔ )

  25. D0minat3ful says:

    Thanks for 1000 likes guys! ^.^

  26. Pedro Ottavio says:

    /watch?v=IENAWD_fJaU song 0:00 at 0:31 plzz

  27. Terry Brown says:

    whats the songs name at 4:56

  28. TheResistance92 says:

    I wanna shuffle on a cloud too lol

  29. proShuFFLz says:


  30. Jaime Tupapi says:

    Faze as dancing in the clouds

  31. teddybear3able says:

    bulldog and faze xD

  32. 3:28 speedhack?! 😮

  33. pureharddance8911 says:


  34. varyproshot says:

    wait…ur fukin rite haha srry dude! 1 stepper..its still melb lol he makes 1 step look good!

  35. varyproshot says:

    lol yea but he aint! but i get wat u mean 🙂 hes a pro like that!

  36. SynthRexx666 says:

    i know its 2 steps but look closely it looks like he’s doing one step

  37. varyproshot says:

    no idts…melb is two steps bro! 😛

  38. SynthRexx666 says:

    Woodzee is doing one step running man’s right? he’s pretty good at it

  39. edgarleon2 says:

    check out my shuffling video called Escape from Wonderland Presents Hardstyle in Wonderland, and Shuffle town. by clicking on the link in blue below called edgarleon2, and check me out on my shuffling/hardstyle/dubstep/da­nce page and post your dance, shuffling videos for reviews and tips on getting better on shuffling.

  40. porkieboy1 says:


  41. LacrosseGod57 says:

    @foxoish oh right i forgot just because you do something for a while means you automatically know everything about it and anyone who thinks differently is wrong my bad. dumbass, times have changed and more styles have been added. hardstyle shuffle is its own style even though it may not have started out that way. and while you may know a minimal amount about shuffling, you certainly have much to learn in the realm of spelling. stfu and get a life, brah.

  42. LacrosseGod57 says:

    @foxoish LOL YOU TARD SHIT why do you think it’s called “Hardstyle shuffle?” if you actually shuffled you would know this but you probably party rock shuffle so you wouldn’t know. Melbourne shuffle and Hardstyle shuffle are not the same thing. it’s a way of distinguishing the style just like Electro shuffle Old Skool shuffle or party rock/LMFAO shuffle. learn the lifestyle before you go hating on people.

  43. aTrueBelgian says:

    @foxoish i intend to bring back real shuffling, no more aged shitty ass stationary one stepping bullshit.

  44. MrMarihuana15 says:

    que lacra sale la imagen que tengo xD

  45. Pitris Bartosek says:

    Nice! ;)

  46. Laersio Cuak says:

    Name song 2:14 ? (:

  47. jjaakkeekkaajj says:

    Faze dacing on light ? =O

  48. DynamicXGamers says:

    i was so happy to see a good compilation i know i am not the best shuffler but some guys suck dick but in this comp they were all good so thanks cause i needed to see a decent complation again 🙂

  49. LacrosseGod57 says:

    FINALLY some true mo-effin hardstyle shuffle. hardstyle nearly died after all the old crews broke up, way to keep the spirit alive!

    LBP~ Malice

  50. kevin30081 says:

    ahh ok well anyway great vid