Read Description ▽▽▽ Enjoy this new compilation of shuffle ▭▭▭ Shufflers in order ▭▭▭ 00:00 Intro - 00:16 - 00:16 - Janus - 00:58 - 00:59 - Raymen - 01:2...

DP PRESENTS - THE FINAL PART (The 5th) Melbourne & Hardstyle Shuffle Compilation 2013 / Aus Style *—* Shuffler ~~~ Track Sicky ~~~ Wildstylez - Pleasure 2013...

50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2013”

  1. @chrissd58 ultraviolence – take me over (Splinta remix)

  2. Last Song pls? :l

  3. Cyril Grossenbacher says:

    Grand Lux - Tours (Official Video) >> Intro

  4. Chris Schröder says:

    song 08:06-08:50 ?*-*

  5. Reminds me of the days when we’d all be cloudskipping and candy walking just like this. Not one shitty electro jam in here and that is fucking awesome. Great tunes, great video.
    And, (for those of you old enough to remember) THIS is great TRANCE music.

  6. Kieran Nugent says:

    5:02 is Mike Steventon- Vibrations (Josh Lang rmx)

  7. draventSWAT says:

    tracklist u.u

  8. Sky Spllicer says:

    Intro song please

  9. ElasyaBanasya says:

    Song list ty very much -.- :3

  10. Dimitris DjZachos says:

    guys where can i find the list with the songs

  11. Nicolas Elric says:

    0:00 – 0:15 Grand Lux ​​- Tours
    0:16 – 0:59 Bangerz y Masherz – (Original Mix) Infected
    1:00 – 1:27 Busho Vs Mark EG + Chrissi Whizz – Play The Game (Side E-Fect Remix)
    2:32 – 3:06 I don´t know 🙁
    3:07 - 3:51 september – cry for you (hardforze remix)
    3:52 – 5:01 jim justice 1st gear
    5:02 – 6:04 Mike Steventon – Vibrations (Josh Lang Remix)
    6:05 – 6:54 Adele – Set Fire To The Rain Remix

  12. jorge mendoza says:

    somg list please

  13. Wouter Sannes says:

    what is the intro???

  14. NikhooxD Hardstyle says:

    song 0:59

  15. NikhooxD Hardstyle says:

    thanks men :D

  16. Breno Vinicius says:

    Virus !!!

  17. Weekendwarrior232 says:


  18. Bayu Prakoso says:

    subs back

  19. Could someone tell me Raymen’s music name pls?

  20. Last song?

  21. song at 4:00?

  22. Bangerz & Masherz – Infected

  23. Wohohohoooow! The shit Virus did, made me flipp!

  24. nice lot of improving..runningman more like hardstyle from malaysia good jobs

  25. The girls are doing Malaysian Shuffle not Melbourne that’s why it looks different

  26. David Mosse says:

    any video from big milan will get you started and you might want to check out they are a community of shufflers and will help you to improve

  27. Awesome!

  28. HalfTheSpeed says:

    your editing skills are awesome!

  29. killer108ma says:

    is it just me or does hardstyles make you nostalgic

  30. Marius Jung says:

    i love it Ö.ö

  31. O wait found the track list soz

  32. Whats the first song called

  33. SonsOfJackassTV says:

    How to edit a Hardstyle Shuffle video. Step 1 add Hard Flashes. Step 2 Stretch your video. Step 3 steal after effect presets. Step 4 make everything have a blue tint.

  34. Lucas Gabriel says:

    leon reminds me of the great francis

  35. John De los santos says:

    Leon was fucking amazing

  36. any one recommend videos to learn the shuffle dance?

  37. ElasyaBanasya says:

    The last dude was doing one step…

  38. I see a lot of amazing shufflers who all seem to have the same style. I’m not sure why everyone thinks you have to shuffle back and fourth a few steps in place and not in a ton of different directions with unique kicks and spins. Leon took the gold there, Clot is awesome too. I’ve always thought everyone else is badass but the style clones are meh. Not hating, just could see some uniqueness.

  39. AWESOME!!!!

  40. TheBlazed42069 says:

    What’s the name of this beat I want to save this song on to my phone

  41. people still shuffle? wow

  42. David Mosse says:

    especially you

  43. HPT HardStylePalermoTeam says:

    Great Shuffle Guys !
    |HPT| PoLPiX ☣ Italian Shufflers ☣ 

  44. Some of the best shufflers are spread out all around the world, Maybe one day they will all come together and make the world explode.

  45. what is an your foots its sooo you know ?

  46. Anthony Sunseri says:

    Séék my man!!!! Cant even fathom how much I’m proud of you and how far you’ve made it from the very beginning!! Shufflers for life bro!!!!

  47. MasterJedi365 says:

    theyre all awesome!!!! especially leon. hmm i will someday make a it into comp

  48. Aphlazx Daeron says:

    Leon was so hardcore and awesome.

  49. jörgen cpsson says:

    shut up and love deejanos!<3

  50. Quinton Walsh says:

    hhahahaha @ 1:16 hes doin his thing and everyone else in the background is just….well idk what.