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24 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2013! – New Generation Part I !”

  1. NikhooxD Hardstyle says:

    Dark By Design - Dark Night

  2. Felipe Parra says:

    song 0:51 pls

  3. Haydos HD says:

    3:00 :O

  4. Pedro Farias says:

    Brasileiros em 2013 ? Curte !

  5. reggieej95 says:

    Just because everyone thing’s shuffleing is old now?…well it’s not because people are out there are still doing it and still doing alot of practice to get the move spot on!! Because it’s the most popular move in the world that it is hard to do im practicng myself im a girl going on 22 i’ll show you what a reall girl can do with her feet 😉 mwah

  6. the world’s gone crazy everybody wants to dance Russian style т1м

  7. Jefferson Cruz says:

    Eca. ;x

  8. prozagonis100 says:

    pls song 2:00

  9. I agree… is my compilation but when i did it, my knowledge in post production were few, sorry for that…
    Rematch in december =D

  10. DFLightShows says:

    This is terrible. Oh. My. God. The music, the people. No.

  11. TheTWIZTIDninjaLO says:

    you are shit

  12. Lindi Sokoli says:

    T1m is the best

  13. Lindi Sokoli says:

    t1m is best

  14. Mokova Qc says:

    This is shit O_o’ The only one who had actual skills is Jboi

  15. kylefell5 says:

    It is MW3

  16. DFWROCKER says:

    This isnt new you fool,

  17. sparta3554 says:

    T1M+Traktor=My favorite

  18. TheNirsShuffler says:


  19. TheNirsShuffler says:


  20. Azzaro Dranque says:

    Dark By Design – Dark Night

  21. CrutialProductions says:

    song at 3:00?

  22. second song name original is The Blasters- It’s a dark night
    but i can’t find the remix -.-

  23. Azzaro Dranque says:

    Dark By Design – Dark Night

  24. FaR1™ - Shuffle Channel says:

    <3 T1M ! =)