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Melbourne Shuffle Compilation PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQztntOi4lU Melbourne Shuffle Compilation PART 2: [PART 1; 2.5k views] "THIS VIDEO" Melb...
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50 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2k11 | YouTube banned songlist!”

  1. @amp04222 Go to the closest corner store you find. There you can find the
    best models and for only 10 dollars each phats ( the pants )

  2. adamc96shf says:

    @whuuutkrent woaw, it’s really good! thanks 🙂

  3. Mateus Ramon says:

    /watch?v=SBEwUk0AAXE <------------------- /watch?v=SBEwUk0AAXE /watch?v=SBEwUk0AAXE

  4. youtube you fagg

  5. DannyBoyWins says:

    good songlist: 1.alpha twinz smack my derb 2.carnifex – fireflash 3.super
    star DJ – i forgot 4. donkeyrollers – no one can stop us :DD

  6. Thumbs up if ye want tha Music Back !! And for teh shufflers out ther 😀

  7. Matheus Telles says:

    it is a melbourn shuffle: watch?v=rY1Mz_4328Y&feature=related

  8. ccshufflers says:

    if you write in the descriptipn, – i do not own this music within this
    Video. then they cant take the audio off, because ur not saying the music
    is Yours.

  9. Can someone tell me, what kind of software he used to edit this video? 0.o,
    it’s totally amazing ! & i really need this software…

  10. yes best shuffle the shuffle los boys free step end shuffle lest begin

  11. Salvador Sanchez says:

    Dude the song just killed it

  12. Tomáš Bednář says:

    Hey Karpeev73 when u want back your original songlist then must report back
    to youtube and wait few hours than you can use your music :-p … But this
    music is great like it 🙂

  13. supremelogarithmgod says:

    Watched with Addictive Fantasy – Noisecontrollers 😉 Ah-mazing.

  14. Daniel Wahlund says:

    his style reminds me of Mikkiz cousin 😡

  15. @bloodrein54 hey, wassup man, you replied to my one post about shuffling
    super fast in the shuffle help section of shuflin.net

  16. why’d youtube bann the songlist?? :L

  17. bloodrein54 says:

    Nope I dont think any of the famous guys do it anymore.. Sacco quit, rocky
    quit, mikki quit, many others

  18. cchhrris1991 says:

    well…one of the guys shuffled hes pants off:p..

  19. NorwegianHardstyle94 says:

    @MtubaBoy haha me too =) lol

  20. @SilentSniper58 I think that row has started shuffling again

  21. it’s so funny watching them shuffle with this song haha.

  22. Tommi Saarinen says:

    @foxoish i got ones, i wear them like… every day 😀 and just when i don’t
    have much things to do i shuffle a while then i have a break and continue
    it etc 😀

  23. Tommi Saarinen says:

    why didn’t you send youtube a message that you don’t own any of this music
    and never claimed it as your own? then you would have got your songs
    back… but not after audioswap :/

  24. LacrosseGod57 says:

    2nd kid thinks he’s Sacco…. 😛

  25. Melbourne Shuffle is better than LMFAO…so, thumbs up if you all agree!!

  26. HARDSTYLEx100 says:

    yo at 3:36 you forgot a song to name in the desc. which is called DEEJAY –
    PHD :p

  27. OTHardstyleTO says:

    Aww where is my relikt 😛 , btw nice vid, um only thing , mabye theres just
    to much francis;p

  28. fast forwarding sum shufflers to make them look good? o.O

  29. Niceeee !! What Is The First Song???? 🙂

  30. @JumpingValle haha sorry.. the second song c:

  31. Tantalis77 says:

    its good to see francis again 🙂

  32. HardstyleAndrew1 : Okkk 😀 No problem xDD 🙂

  33. AyasakiXeroX says:

    EPICNESS :D! <3 what's the song played :O

  34. Nitr0usIII says:

    What’s the song Fransic is shuffling too? PLZ TELL ME! Dx

  35. miodrag perovic says:

    chan from francis org plzzz subed

  36. Dave Fabris says:

    song at 8:08 please??

  37. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @DarkLadyC96 I know lulzz.. Pretty bad but from now on I’ll be making
    videos with shufflers from the actual year (; And just a short clip 🙂

  38. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @IxXxVIRUSxXxI Thanks!

  39. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @OTHardstyleTO No problem (;

  40. Austin Mullins says:

    @HardstyleAndrew1 i love how he just glides with his running man

  41. xXxw3rEw0lFxXx says:

    YEAH Francis rocking !!!

  42. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @davidueo Read description (:

  43. DarkLadyC96 says:

    haha 2/3 of the compilation is with Francis videos =P

  44. OTHardstyleTO says:

    Please give us just the first song , only that one <3 i love that one (A)
    or else just pm me if you dont wanna share (A):D but i really want it on me
    telephone :D:p

  45. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @MrTecktonikboky Thank you! – and I haven’t really done much about the
    editing in this video.. you can read that at description too.. But I’ve
    just set the “video track” (where the titles are) in “compositing mode” to
    “difference” – Then it gives u that cool and fresh look (; I don’t know
    about the NewBlueFX (sorry..), I don’t use it.. but hope this helped (; –

  46. ZolwiuOfficial says:

    francis is the best boos!!!!!1

  47. Dimitri Schott says:

    Hell yeah! 😀 nice one ^^

  48. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @nitroteddy01 He is very known (;

  49. OTHardstyleTO says:

    ty andrew ,:D

  50. Simon Lucas says: