compilation 2013.1 inspiration of dance Giika: Kazyo: Ruy:

My noob shuffle after a few months (im such a fucking noob!) im trying 2 improve if anyone got tips comment plz thanx u all.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

41 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2K13.1 |DANCE TO EXPRESS..”

  1. Vicente Ruisanchez says:

    fino man

  2. ChannelxDanielz says:

    Ta massa so bucetudo oaskdoaskdoaskdsa SooM // Daniel’z

  3. Artur Burczyński says:

    Great Compilation 🙂

  4. ♫ Leon ~ :D ♫ says:

    Thanks for adding me to your brother compilation , D Take care brother and
    success in everything (: HSW – HK – Leon C:

  5. KazyoMelbShuffle says:

    Olha eu *o* essa musica fikou top d+ vlw manoow por me colocar *o* todos
    são tetudos *o* ~Kazyo

  6. Sâmara Nascimento says:

    AH LELELEK LEK LEK LEK Muito foda man, valeu mesmo >_< BM|HK;Sammy

  7. Paulo Altiely says:

    muito top muito top -_- muito gata essa compilation By:PJ.z

  8. Producciones Cerox says:

    Me :C ?

  9. Thanks for putting me in man (:

  10. Nice compilation, maybe tracklist @ 1000 views? 🙂

  11. ROMZESrom1 says:

    половина никаких вообще..

  12. Brent Stryker says:

    What’s sickys song?

  13. Tommi Saarinen says:

    thanks a lot bro for putting me in (: ! great comp :p ~StorMii

  14. BassPsyChoticChaosSH says:

    *————————* Muy lindooooooooooooooo<3333 Obrigado Amigo

  15. KZNfilmsProd says:

    só faltou eu :C kayzen

  16. ToperaBassmasters says:

    só os mais bom -_- isso ae <333 BM ; Topera

  17. kalfstreet says:

    Thanks for getting me in the compilation :3 MHS-HSL-HK-HSC//Shadoo

  18. Niall Billing says:

    Good Rawking Everyone -Niallyyy B

  19. Nice Comp *—-* Like Wez

  20. o compilation e muito foda. Todos shufflers bom :DD HSU | HK – DroneZ

  21. Tuller guanabara fernandes says:

    Nice (y) watch this and comment! /watch?v=8Tn_8nSlOKI

  22. Melbourne GuixS says:

    What is the name of the first song that plays? Qual nome da primeira musica
    que toca?

  23. Anderson Ramos says:

    obgd por me colocar *-* todos dançam muito ai , so eu que não ;(
    EOKPEKOPEKOPSKOPEA *-* so tem lindo Siiko;BD

  24. Sâmara Nascimento says:

    That’s Silas o: his channel: user/jhonnybak

  25. Producciones Cerox says:

    Is Russian style

  26. thnx man

  27. ???? ur point is?

  28. ddrmaster1212 says:

    where is your t-step? it looks so plain without it. iv been shufflinf for a
    month but look alot better cause of my t-step.check my video on my profile.

  29. sweet stuff man hay dude have a look at me new vids ooo yer dont forget to
    rate and comment 5stars lol

  30. Kenny Cheung says:

    Woah!!! Nice Job Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  31. wtf????

  32. Markus Hoffmann Lund says:

    are you 12

  33. u smell worst then ur dads pussy when it was fked by u

  34. i love u too babe

  35. i was twelve in the vid but im thirteen now just look at my new prof now
    and wait till i put on a vid my new prof is AJShufflez

  36. DnBShufflez says:

    Haha jay uve improved. You went to aussie shuffle meetup? What school r u
    at now?

  37. Aurimas Jakimavicius says:

    well, shuffle really isnt shuffle without t-step. 5* anyway.

  38. kewl vid jay, i like it 🙂 loveyou.

  39. Johnny Lee says:

    lol yay first to comment i got good man cmon you can do it try harder man

  40. thanks again braa

  41. AndrosForever says:

    shuffle that shit up