www.melbourneshuffle.pl www.melbourneshuffle.com Tracklist: K*N*G - Halloween Scope DJ - Rock Hypnotic Phil York & Dark by Design - Heaven & Hell Alphazone - Sunrise JDX - Wan Taim DJ Matto - Angels Fly (Original Mix) NOTE: Please Watch in High Quality Shufflers: Danioo Lier...

24 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 4 (SONGLIST RELEASED)”

  1. ShuffleSeTh says:

    This is real shuffling not LMFAO Party Rock Anthem shuffling.

  2. @XGamerDancerX oh okay, was wondering about that. there isent any shuffle scene where I live, i dont know anyone else who does, makes practice harder.

  3. Piotr 'Neville' Wójcik says:

    tracklist is released.

  4. XGamerDancerX says:

    its wat the wear wear for show and goto goole 😀 or wiki -.-

  5. Why is it that so many of the shuffle dancers are whereing what apear to be very simmiler hoodies?

  6. dragonhalox says:

    over all video 5/5

  7. dragonhalox says:

    man… i need to start makeing shuffle vids.. the shuffleing in this vid i is -5 wtf goin on

  8. Aaron Mohr says:

    freakin awesome. makes me wanna move back to the city and do some serious clubbin till the sun comes up. the good ol days

  9. view my video plzzz ^^


  10. i miss HSK shufflin 🙁 old times…. always the best (y’

  11. Bangutray says:

    World of warcraft theme in beginning???

  12. badboyever100 says:

    yeah wery hard song 2 min..evry dancer is good

  13. Linus Struwe says:

    /watch?v=385CAgFYUEw&feature=c hannel
    First time ;D Watch, comment and rate! <3

  14. Sonic roxx ! 🙂

  15. LANDofC0NFUSI0N says:

    4:15 is bigger fail LMAO

  16. LANDofC0NFUSI0N says:

    i would love to know were to get thoses dame pants, hell they sell in canada tho…. LMAO me fail!!!!

  17. DDRInitial says:

    nice video… thank for share

  18. sickemothickid says:

    they’re not tripp theyre phat pants ( atleast most shufflers wear phat pants) its gives a bttr gliding effect and jus looks cool =)

  19. gladstone22loko says:

    HARDSTYLE Shuflles





  20. Kyle Triplett says:

    What is with all of these dancer were tripp pants lol i’m learning how to do this right now because this dance is just baddass

  21. Please Comment and Rate!!!




  22. Does anyone know the name of them style trousers im a newbie to the shuffle and i like the clothing but cant find anything anyone know???

  23. KiinhOwPkS says:

    Look New video Please [Hard4Fun]



    Thx. *–*

  24. lmao the music from wow at the start of dis clip xD wows kool