part 7, took me a while but finally finished. Enjoy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “..Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 7!!”

  1. Zack Kenobi says:

    aik aku pon ade ni? hehehe anyway thx mate! 😀

  2. Trevor Philips says:

    hey i shuffle in san diego and they like it

  3. molly arends says:

    the song at 4:40 is zhangar – speedwave

  4. Shufflers: 1.07 – 1.14: HR Ajam 1.14 – 1.47: HR Yoshiro 1.47 – 1.55: HR
    Ajam 2.16 – 3.23: HR Joe 3.51 – 4.19: HR Ajam 4.36 – 4.43: HR Amirul 5.53 –
    5.55: HR Amirul Songs: Junk Project – Control Speedwave – Zhangar

  5. Silversavage says:

    junk project-control( versuz mix)

  6. Well I’m sure shuffle will take over the world one day 8} Love the video,
    keep up the good work 😛

  7. slothbrah zyzz says:

    where the fucks my comment i was first 2 post the rasism !@@!!@ omg i like
    love thsi vid and wats shifter

  8. nowshuffling says:


  9. danial8787 says:

    Fuck yeah! u all killed the floor! my mate epul!u rock bro! greetings from
    malaysia Klownz/daniel

  10. i go agree with u bro, its an auzzie dance!

  11. Love it, but i love the music even better 😀

  12. WIzzFIzzSM says:

    heyy, nice shufflin, watz the song at 4:44??? plz… =]P

  13. the intro song is Tatanka Project-floor massacre!!!

  14. can i have the songlist plzz

  15. Silversavage says:

    what do you mean?

  16. SONG LIST PLZ!! ;D

  17. songs?

  18. I need the song that starts at 4:40 plz and ty. Awesome series btw (=

  19. Ch4osSh4dow says:

    looks good 😛

  20. the names “zanghar” but i dun member the artist

  21. Silversavage says:

    why do skool busses ride in the evening?:d because it seems like it’s

  22. TheForgottenLonging says:

    And for the makes or this video / video’s… Hold the camera still, áll the
    time ^^ Try not to film ínto the light, try your “backlight” button on your
    camera, and when you’re editing the movie, don’t use too much effects in
    the movies, ’cause it won’t make the video better most of the time. (: But
    it’s a nice compilation, tho! Greetz

  23. Silversavage says:

    first song: junk project-control (versuz mix)

  24. SergeantHi5 says:

    nice work pal.

  25. the guy @ 1:20 ist the best i think