!!!!melbourne shuffle compilation 8!!!! melbshuffle.com

WWW.MELBSHUFFLE.COM The 8th Compilation in the series! Enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is time for you to say " Holly Shit !! " The harder styler from HARDSTYLE GENERATION. Brisbane, Australia and the reincarnation of Sacco & Mikki. you ca...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “!!!!melbourne shuffle compilation 8!!!! melbshuffle.com”

  1. DJ GINGER says:

    u mean phat pants

  2. StepDog123 says:

    the 2. track is

    Builder-Hardbeat Market

  3. CommunityPerv says:

    well i think its him i could be wrong

  4. CommunityPerv says:

    yeah well if u mean the guy that has a trolly/ shopping cart in his backyard then thats jack40k
    he made the melbourne shufflie compilation’s 3 + 6 not sure if he has made more tho

  5. pelomypotatoes1 says:

    who is the kid shuffleind in his backyard?? does anyone know??

  6. Hardbeat Market – Builder 🙂

  7. satizfaktshon says:

    hell kool

  8. Danial Mann says:

    are you seriously trying to pass this off as a shuffle video!

  9. hiphophangover says:

    this is so shit, how is it the 8th compilation when in the vid it sez 4th and you have jump style in it which there is no point when its melbourne shuffle plus there monkeys
    and you stole vids from the 3rd compilation
    get your shit sorted out and dont use stuff tht has been used already

  10. Jean Freire says:

    that this is crap. Miss third set compiled.
    And there are still parts of the third set compiled.
    Very Very crap.

  11. Anthony Dundara says:

    Lol Borat Is Shuffling XD

  12. Rumblecore says:

    1:13 name of the song please

  13. MrDRsuperwhite7 says:

    @BassKreaturez GTP (technoboy remix) is the last one by tatanka

  14. love 1:20 pants *.*

  15. jake heaton says:

    hey maybe u can add me in the next complition please mate get fluro again in number 10 🙂

  16. rfc123ryan says:

    Here how do you get that music 4 free if u know

  17. Blirup1911 says:

    nice job dude, but dont use the old clips so many times 🙂

  18. 3:38-4:30 is taken from melbourne shuffle compilation 3?

  19. Cian Whyte says:

    lolol lmaooo the monkeys

  20. Cian Whyte says:

    lolol lmaooo the monkeys

  21. Cian Whyte says:

    wats the 3rd song??

  22. Asbjørn Heiner Larsen says:

    #1. Headhunterz-The Power Of The Mind (Qlimax Anthem 2007
    #2. Builder – Hardbeat Market(Hardstyle machine Remix)
    #3. Zatox – I am what i play
    #4. dunno.. shit song anyways
    #5. The Pitchers-Black Is Back
    #6. Dark By Design & Alex Kidd-No Go, Go For Launch
    #7. Showtek-Dust 2 Dust
    #8. Alpha Twins-Smack My Derb
    #9. Some random mix up
    #10. It’s Borat, who cares!?
    Last. Don’t remember sorry

  23. i’d kill for a pair of uber pants 1:20

  24. dynamo159 says:

    The Second Song Is HardBeat Market By Builder Great song 🙂

  25. ghdwocnl123 says:

    songlist Please 😀

  26. fox_hardshuffler says:

    I like Bulldog and all that, but I wish he would make a vid that didn’t hurt your eyes trying to figure out whats going on in them. I mean sure he’s obviously talented but I don’t understand why If he can glide 6 ft with every step he has to record it on a potato and fax it to the internet.

  27. paralyzedLP says:

    Heil Bulldog!

  28. paralyzedLP says:

    Guy Your right!

  29. YuLlp Minecraft Let's Plays und Mehr :) says:

    He’s the best <3

  30. wow i was searching songs off dj twisty and landed all over here

  31. Nur Hakim Ariadi says:

    mas Chakz udah ku subscribe
    Sub back yah
    dah Kasih song list nya

    thanks before

  32. Hariandikwa Susilo says:

    Ka cakra kenal pacok?
    temen gw tuh ka
    masa temen gw diajarin gw ngak??? :P

  33. Solomon Noellien says:

    3:54-my fav wats song though

  34. ^**!Hardstyle Shuffler!**^ says:

    Shuffle I’n U. S. A.

  35. cakraization says:

    Look. on the descript is just my oppinion..
    don’t take it so seriously~

  36. “the reincarnation of Sacco & Mikki.”

    No, no where near as smooth as Mikki. A bit like Sacco but Sacco perfectly straddled the line between lightning fast controlled chaos where as this dude looks like a spaz. HSU Impact, the kid from Oregon blows Bulldog out of the water. Just my 2 cents.

  37. Evan Tarvis says:

    Kinda over did the editing but good

  38. Dylan Thorns says:

    Songlist please 😀 <3

    Bulldog will forever live on!!!

  39. Tahufan1000 says:

    Bro, sick as! Love your spins. Your style reminds me of Sacco, aye.

  40. AzaZeLX Mb says:

    No Problem

  41. 3lpaNt3Ra05 says:

    thank u so much bro 🙂

  42. OverNotPowered says:

    song at 3:13?

  43. cakraization says:

    im just a fan of him 🙂

  44. Brett Gibbs says:

    this might be a random question but i live in brisbane and im curious if you know the shufflers here?

  45. cakraization says:

    Nope bro, it’s yours 🙂
    it just my opinion.. cause he’s my inspiration for shuffling.
    i’ve 2 inspiration shuffler for the past, is that mikkiz and sacco..
    but not again for now, cause they are stoped and lost for the shuffling world.
    and now i just have 1.. he is bulldog :p
    cheers mate~


  46. ChillShufflezz says:

    sorry bro gotta disagree with you though 😛 he is not a reincarnation of sacco and mikki he is his own style, his own dance 😀 the reason why he is so popular and good is because he stuck with his personality and pushed it into his style and while having some of sacco and mikkis elements he is completey different 🙂

  47. AzaZeLX Mb says:

    Likky Ly – I Follow You (Proto Bytez Bootleg)

  48. AzaZeLX Mb says:

    Likky Ly – I Follow You (Proto Bytez Bootleg)

  49. 3lpaNt3Ra05 says:

    Hey wats the name of the song at 3:53