Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Best of Februrary and March (Read Description)

I know I took too long to make and put this up. School and college planning has been occupying me atm, so I dunno whether I'm gonna make a comeback or not. But if I don't, it's been good knowing you guys. I mean it, for 2-3 years it really has; if it weren't for all that support, I wouldn't be where I am now. I won't quit shuffling, though. I'll make some solo videos every now and then. But as for comps, this might be it. Sorry I didn't go out with a bang 🙁 Track Listing: Alphazone - Sunrise Phil York vs. Technikal - The Anthem 2007 Hypertype - Rock the Show (Cansis Remix) Logger and Genetic - Industry Standard (Sully's Psychotic Remix) Josh Lang - Come See Me Josh Lang - Sawtooth Highway Swedish House Mafia - One (Maly Remix) Mars W and Vandall - Das Bootwynn JTB and DJ Chuck-E - A New Hope Ricky T - Cape York (Mix 1) DJ Wragg and Log One - Mindscape (Nomad Remix) Luke Warner and Mat Lock - Deep Psychosis (Daniel Kandi's Cure Remix) J Dilla - Bye Enjoy.
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation Best of Februrary and March (Read Description)”

  1. socckkerman202 says:

    What program did you use to edit this?

  2. mrimpalaboy says:

    Fuck haha THeres nikko 😮 He is one of the people who helped melearn ahah we used to shuffle together like each week hes good !
    Him at 7:35

  3. im not in this 🙂 why??? haha

  4. who is the first guy

  5. OSEMillusion says:

    I want your babys

  6. StanCan Shuffle says:

    man i’d get back to making comps but i gotta wait on an external HD first so you know how that is :/
    but yea i’ll still be on here.

    peace out

  7. Forward deployed to Afganistan at the moment my brotha.
    if you ever make another one of these i might have a vid up in the next couple months check my friend emii out too shes pretty beast.

    decided its time for me to get back into the nightscene again. when i get back home.
    workin on a rockin malay style now XD

    hit me up sometime bro cause ill be back on regularly now XD if you can get contact with brandon tell him I said whats up (Eatrice)

    later bro

  8. StanCan Shuffle says:

    ey what up bro? its been a while

  9. long time no chat bro

  10. somarxela says:


  11. ShufflinForL1f3 says:

    @StanCanShuffle345 Hey bro i was just wonderin whats the shufflers name @ 8:49 sick comp looking forward to more sub + fav

  12. Nic Wakeman says:

    Im at 7:45 Check out some of my vids on my channel (: <33

  13. chicken1115 says:

    thats awesome Stan i always enjoy watching your comp. videos keep it coming 😉

  14. One of your best comps! ^_^
    i really enjoyed watching it. and the shufflers are amazing!
    your editing is even better! hehe
    please check my new video, maybe i could be in the may compilation?
    thankyou (:

  15. TheOshiOne says:

    good job man (y)

  16. offline72 says:

    um~ wat video editing program do you use???

  17. nevertakeaway says:

    00:24 … and thats how you plow a field

  18. hacksior1996 says:

    well, hello there.

  19. Luke Agren says:

    Thanks alot stan for puttin me in! means alot! great comp also! stury hard so you can get some time for this, its really enjoyable what youre doing. 😀 10*
    BN Luke

  20. Mary Avelino says:

    (: like

  21. aNiw8oS12 says:

    nc comp!!
    pretty sick^^
    btw what prog do u use in makin all this stuff?AE?:)

  22. you make the best compilation!!!!! ((((((:
    Subbed ^_^
    please check out my videos.:D


  23. DigitalFrostbite says:


  24. hakkemohammed says:

    Awesome Compilation. 

  25. nevertakeaway says:

    anyone has the name of the shuffler at 3:50¿?