Melbourne Shuffle Compilation girls 2012

Vanessa - Mamamichyy - Leslie - Kol - Hilabeat - Rainbow - Passion - Chloe - Laura - Louise - Evelina - Tritonal feat Cristina Soto Piercing Quiet
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation girls 2012”

  1. Grayson Lewis says:

    And i instantly feel like im on an island in the middle of texas. Where do i meet a girl who shuffles?

  2. aida martinez says:

    thats not melbourne shuffle ~ but they shuffle good.

  3. smileorcry2 says:

    thats not even melbourne thats malaysian….

  4. Fábio WarBandiT says:

    i go check ^^

  5. Fábio WarBandiT says:

    Tritonal feat Cristina Soto Piercing Quiet

  6. ocellwhite says:

    Wats the name of singer and song

  7. ocellwhite says:

    Ways the name of this song

  8. Mariana O says:

    I’ll upload my video 😀

  9. MrThienxx says:

    1:35 new special MOVE?! …

  10. Matthew Hough says:

    Wow! Louise is killin!

  11. angelcakebby24 says:

    Why you no include Melona?

  12. Miloš Miletić says:

    Free pedicure. 😉 xD

  13. Patrick Azadian says:

    girls are bad 🙁

  14. this has to be the WORST MUSIC TO DANCE TO…

    how about some la dee dah…?

  15. Monster1996Hunter says:

    and i thought all the time malaysian is just a style of melbourne shuffle…

  16. xXBorn2HardstyleXx says:

    I wanna meet a shuffler girl

  17. SuperBeastlyBunny says:

    This is shuffling, but he means that it lacks the gliding effect generated.

  18. jordan ross says:

    It is shuffling it’s just called malaysian shuffle bro

  19. It’s pretty easy..

  20. adrian zapata says:

    Its real dumass learn shuffle cause if u dont then lol you need a life brah

  21. adrian zapata says:

    Mostly this mamamichy is sexy

  22. adrian zapata says:


  23. angelcakebby24 says:

    I wonder how Rainbow does it. I would be in pain shuffling in the road.

  24. angelcakebby24 says:

    How is that fake shuffling. We do the running man, t-step, glides, and the same mostly as the Melbourne shuffle. The only difference is our legs going at 90 degrees which hard style does too. So stop calling other branches fake when it is practically the same.

  25. PeanutButter0008 says:

    how the hell do they shuffle barefoot ? .-.