Melbourne Shuffle Compilation | Jboi [ 2k12 ]

Compilation of my inspiration :DD Songlis : 0:00 Coldplay - Paradise (Joe E Remix) [HQ+ HD ]1080p 1:30 The Pitcher - Ain't Nobody - Fusion 107 2:00 Harder (Original Mix) Full 2:58 Headhunterz - Blame it on the music Sub me plz ♥
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation | Jboi [ 2k12 ]”

  1. Eric Swahn says:

    Best shuffler I have ever seen

  2. Nathaniel Taylor says:

    I honestly think Jboi’s secret is in his running man’s if you keep watching videos of him,you’ll probaly see what i mean

  3. jboi inspire to to shuffle
    wif a broken fuked up leg!
    i luv u jboi

  4. JerriiiProds says:

    11 people fap to justin biebers music

  5. qweedisinsane says:

    jboi is f*cking amazing he is my idol.

  6. Cameron Pitcher says:

    seriously wtf is up with that spin at the start, its f*cking CRAAAAZY, almost tempted to call hacks on it 😛

  7. trenton riggle says:

    DAT SPIN!!!! 0.0

  8. Electricfogg says:

    jboi…you are one of the reasons i shuffle. i want to be able to be as good as you one day 🙂 thank you for this…

  9. TURN ON <3 0:58 - 1:30 <3 Dude i love you running man <3

  10. pandamanrox says:

    did any 1 else see the soule ater logo

  11. pandamanrox says:

    1:40 proves bulldog isnt fakecuz this guy is just as fast as bulldog

  12. Ikilledbenladen says:

    He got laid that night.

  13. RunTime Shuffle says:


  14. holy shit how do you not get dizzy i wouldnt be able to spin that fast and much i would puke x_x

  15. RunTime Shuffle says:

    I find first music
    Coldplay – Paradise (Joe-e mix)

  16. Jingle bells

  17. Noisecontrollers98 says:

    cause he do one style shuffle he is so “fast” like u say ^^

  18. TheSorax1995 says:

    Oh my gosh!! You are extremely one of the best shufflers i have ever seen! o.o You rock man!<3
    MSF I Sorax

  19. Nathaniel Taylor says:

    thats messed up his friend/relative is on the computer in the backround

  20. Ikilledbenladen says:

    Fuck LMFAO. Hardstyle all the way!

  21. LMFAO aint got nothing on this!

  22. Eliarrobcio says:

    Shit! In some moments it reminds sliding, not shuffling XD Great dancing 🙂

  23. Thanks bro! :-)

  24. Ankle weights will help.