Here is my newest compilation called "NEXT GENERATION" so just enjoy and leave a comment or a like 🙂 no Songlist .. cause i dont know all songs xD Go Check ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

comment & rate 😀 SUBSCRIBE songlist here my project for Bass Neurotic , some mistakes but you can ignore them my english is terrible in the end kkkkkk :S SH...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 Responses to “MELBOURNE SHUFFLE COMPILATION – Next Generation!”

  1. XxShukoxX says:

    Y’all killed it bro, Nice! 😀

  2. haha 😀 thanks bro ^^

  3. danke dir 🙂 hört man doch gern :DD

  4. Das sieht gut aus 🙂

  5. Nice compilation 🙂 Great shuffler ! -Spectra-

  6. Danke fürs hinzufügen 😉 Jutes Vid 😛 Gruß Wintj

  7. thanks 🙂

  8. 7seattlesfinest4 says:

    name of 2nd to last shuffler??

  9. CineMedia says:

    good video 🙂

  10. kev0black says:

    Haha Best Shuffler not in, Jinjin ! fail

  11. SaaMProduction says:

    @hardstyleking200 because you dont find anywhrere , is very dificult ,,
    send me your msn , i send you

  12. SaaMProduction says:

    @TyronsBox thx you so much guy 😀 , my voice little sexy rsrsrrss

  13. ALeeh ALX desing says:

    whoa fuck yea man aew manolo ta lindo o vid like** 5* / 5* ALeeH is a

  14. good work!

  15. Where Is jinjin ?

  16. Максим Полиектов says:

    Yeah Awesome Compilation!!!!

  17. Hector Andersen says:

    Miss Flox!… were is she ): btw awesome comp ! n___n

  18. TheYoshiMelo says:

    mt bom o video aspdokasdopsadkop ingles de pedreiro rules

  19. Risk though stood out to me the most, great styles though (: everyone!

  20. sonamaster says:

    SAAM edit sony vegas 😀 like some day BN 😀 Scorp BAg EHS

  21. victorodsxD says:


  22. Etory Matheus says:

    Final foi mto foda OPAKDPOASKDPOSAKDAS

  23. Luke Agren says:

    awwww im not in the video :((((( but anyways awesome video!<3

  24. TheRAP4EVER says:

    r1sk is tzhe best german shuffler with hackii and shanks and nightfall

  25. Everton Diazz says:

    gostei muito bro Fav Diaz

  26. DrakShuffler626 says:

    HAUEHAEUAEHAUEAEH táquepariu qq 😀

  27. SaaMProduction says:

    @7440romario é mais ou menos * kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  28. Lukas Paldavičius says:

    Elsgaard, Driigo, Traktor, Breeno, Prorock, SaaM, Nightfall, Gruszeq,
    Panich awesome 8))))

  29. TrueMaxEvans says:

    :DD nice man

  30. TyronsBox says:

    i subbed just because your voice is dope ! ahaha and of course i like BN
    HR|FTS| Zeal

  31. sub u 😀

  32. murilo leme says:

    nice BN é uma das crews que mais respeito hoje.. Parabens otimos shufflers
    liked Chaos Prime and KG l Owner is a HERO rs

  33. SaaMProduction says:

    @andre91t manda seu msn q eu te dou kkkk

  34. André Rodrigues says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk massa xD ah, me manda a musica ae?
    (flashlight) BN Killua