Hi there, (My name is brady btw :]) krusadahz presents Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 5, yeah been ages blahblah im pree busy and shit rofl :] playing games and going out and what not, neway heres a late christmas and a bit late new years present to you all :] not the best songs? well i like them and i havent seen them on any videos so yeah all good rofl. This will be the last video for a while, im in year 12 now gotta study and shit, i might make a video once i done VCE and shit but until then this will be the last one :] so enjoy it, spam the replay button rofl subscribe or whatever now :] oh yeah, delays, well the reason for my delays was things such as games...going out...i dont listen to trance or hardstyle nemore, i dont shuffle nemore lol yeah but i felt it was nice to give you guys this as sort of a farewell :] hope you guys have enjoyedd watching my videos over the course of say 3 years? rofl im still so surprised that compilation 1 got over 2million views, weird huh? well thanks for your support guys it has been much appreciated from me from the beggining. eh to all the haters and trollers, :] fuck you :] ABOUT MY TWITTER PAGE: ok so heres the story, i made it just to see how many people i could get to follow me (lol) but in the end i just forgot about it, uhm i dont actually no how to use twitter, but i just guess, i went through my followers and i saw every youtube link that was given to me, i was only going to put you in the compilation if i liked your style ...
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Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 2012 - A Wonderful Passion

- READ DESCRIPTION - Hey guys, I finally decided to make a compilation ! Sorry if sometimes the effects don't fit with the song, it was a quick edit. So yea, I put a loooot of shufflers in it and I'm sorry if you shuffle only like 5 seconds but I think that if these 5 seconds are epic, we don't really care that it's short 🙂 All these shufflers are an inspiration to me so I think it's important to put them in a compilation cause they deserve it ! I'm sure they worked really hard to become pro like that. So, if you can subscribe their channels, it would be very nice 🙂 I hope you will enjoy this video. Shufflers in order : Doc : www.youtube.com Raymen : www.youtube.com Ozzy : www.youtube.com Zebra : www.youtube.com Jboi : www.youtube.com T1M : www.youtube.com Corzza : www.youtube.com BilD3rzZ : www.youtube.com Wakeyy : www.youtube.com HolloW : www.youtube.com Sonikk : www.youtube.com KiDD : www.youtube.com Baffy : www.youtube.com Reece : www.youtube.com Nova : www.youtube.com Dusk : www.youtube.com Ga5pAr.Z : www.youtube.com Breeno : www.youtube.com Nightfall : www.youtube.com SaaM : www.youtube.com Radis : www.youtube.com Hackii : www.youtube.com Niaa : www.youtube.com Chloee : www.youtube.com Neville : www.youtube.com Louise : www.youtube.com Janus : www.youtube.com Slava : www.youtube.com Traktor : www.youtube.com Sicky : www.youtube.com Like if you enjoyed, I would really appreciate it! SUBSCRIBE: www.youtube.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com TWITTER : www.twitter.com ...
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49 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation No. 5”

  1. USMCrecruit09 says:

    LoL you forgot their names… x))

  2. 2that2guy2 says:

    You can’t copy a shuffle, let me explain

    your body figure prevents some moves from beingpersormed in unison.
    Their styles may look similar but there is a definate difference

    stay melborne!

  3. HardElectricKidz says:

    do you kiss your mom with that mouth?

  4. xmadbros69x says:

    what is so good about the melbourne shuffle it looks kinda gay!!!.

  5. Falk Hesse says:

    sorry im stupid -.- it is in the vid -.- xD

  6. Falk Hesse says:

    name of the first song? pls !

  7. TheFunNoob says:

    Name of the songs?

  8. SWATxXx007 says:

    Wow, it is really surprising to see how far shuffling has gone since it first started. I never thought people still did it, just thought it was a thing of the past. Actually now that I think about it, if I’ve kept it up for 3 years then why not other people. HSJ/Rocky is still one of my personal favorites, the way he goes insane when he shuffles is just fucking rad. Wish he hadn’t switched though, liked his shuffling better when he was with Addicts.

  9. 4:41 OMG . He is the best (y)

  10. batman4pres says:

    girl at 3:50 is sooo hot

  11. teddybear3able says:

    lolz u stole our motto >:( 😛 nice compliation though

  12. Nickz1086 says:

    that guy at 4:42 looks like hes copying rockys style of shuffling but meh he still looks good

  13. BruunFalk says:

    wuhoo go matto 4.42 :]

  14. TsubasaXP says:

    oh nvm you ment the other one lol

  15. TsubasaXP says:

    its says it on the bottom haze…Welcome to The Action- Millenium

  16. hazeumeki says:

    omg ok amazing comp amazing pick in ppl love all te songs i really want the tralalalalallalalala one can u please give it out or message me

  17. TheVitFern says:

    Nice man

  18. Pur3aznshuffl3r says:

    1:39 = Jenne

  19. For real dude, fuck off.

  20. Oh? but you forgot your bitch at my house

  21. Oh and thanks for he video! 😀 :D

  22. Isnt girl at 1:49 names JayteeAzn? I’m pretty sure I wouldnt forget someone with my own real life name 🙂

  23. SeoulMotion says:

    thanks for throwing me in!! c:


  24. Aqui apoyando desde Temuco, Chile
    Pasa por mi Canal y suscribete xd

  25. DriftingInsomnia says:

    Oh, and the song you won’t release is an amazing song; I’ll respect your choice and not release the name.

  26. raptor121233 says:

    3:05 song name?

  27. RamPaGe93HST says:

    Nice compilation! Like! 🙂


  28. choule jay says:


  29. Eisenkrone5000 says:

    give us plz the songlist!!

  30. GiveMeThePaint says:

    check out zeze (sese666) i miss this guy ♥
    great vid, i subbed 🙂

  31. BrentStrykerVideos says:

    this comp was nice. good shufflers and music.

  32. MONST3RANG3L says:

    lmao That Move He Did At 6:10

  33. Songlist Released Please ^____^~~

  34. KimiL1992 says:


  35. Hackii is damn near in every shuffle compilation I see xD

  36. MaCiAcHo17 says:

    ^^ Great Comp..

  37. elmoshuffle1 says:

    Where’s the track list ?


  38. elmoshuffle1 says:


  39. JuneyahSucker says:

    nice comp 🙂

  40. ShufflerKid88 says:

    Most if this is Russian I can tell

  41. GioCanShuffle says:

    WHERE AM I? ;P

  42. this is REAL shuffling and not this lmfao crap

  43. HardcoreSlyh says:

    holy shit they are all so good >:) jboi is my fave melbourne shuffler ! check out him dancing on scrap attack hardcore remix ! its insane !

  44. HarderRagestyle says:

    nice 🙂 my fav shuffler isnt on it though 🙁

  45. DragoNcanShuffle says:

    Nice comp! Real well made, impressed!

  46. kadinho140795 says:

    Nice bro (:

    – Vírus

  47. Diamond59522 says:

    Jboi and T1M are like Gods in Melbourne…!

  48. betosal16 says:

    Very nice comp! 5/5

  49. Giovanni Tellez says:

    Wow very beautiful styles.