Hey all, decided to put a compilation together, I'll make a part two if this gets enough likes/views. It's a bit selfish, But it takes a long time to make th...

Hey 🙂 Shuffle order in this compilation: Clot BILD3RzZ Tony Aurora Topera Deejanos Metrix Song: 1)Star Creatorz - Killzone (Hunter Remix) 2)Shockerz Feat Ki...
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32 Responses to “!!!MELBOURNE SHUFFLE COMPILATION OF 2012 – PART 1!!!”

  1. FengShangK says:

    thanks , Bro 🙂

  2. ShufflinForL1f3 says:

    Hardstyle Mafia – Til the Roof Comes Off

  3. Скажите треки пожалуйста,особенно интересует трек где Traktor и Sicky

  4. Fuzzymoron2 says:

    ermygerdd! :O wats the song that raymen shuffled to?

  5. SiloScontrols says:

    Nice Compilation man! 😀

  6. th3newhardstyler says:

    Songlist plz 🙁

  7. FengShangK says:

    wow~~ i love this compilation. It is really great 😀 Excuse me, the first
    song music name is ??????? Thank you 🙂 by F.S.K

  8. TheJumpmaster5 says:

    good amazing dancers! song list please?

  9. giovanni565 says:

    where iz i? D: lawl

  10. TheShuffledevil says:

    songname on the traktor clip plz!

  11. 單單 文 says:

    ZEBRA ~ so good ~love

  12. HardestTunez says:

    Flarup & A-Wak – Off Your Bass

  13. ShufflinForL1f3 says:

    Neillio & Stardriver – Sound of Silence

  14. KazyoMelbShuffle says:

    nice man ^^ Kazyo FunkaFaction Brazil

  15. Nachen Castañares says:

    Fuck , i love this compilation. Track list bro ? please. subed, like and fav

  16. Emir Garagic says:

    song name when Sicky shuffle plz!!!!

  17. DJ SHuFFleR says:

    Topera looks beter 😉

  18. AndrHard x says:

    Ty 😉

  19. Tom Foolery says:

    Im glad Clot is in this

  20. Am I the only one that thinks Matrix bested Bulldog on his own style? .-.

  21. Aurora Productions says:

    Had no idea I was in this mate. Thanks for including! Great shufflers and
    comp! HSU//HBP//Aurora

  22. BellaxBiohazard says:

    Epic but you need to add a girl up in here <3 (;

  23. The first song please?

  24. JMCshufflePW says:

    FUcking thanks for adding me :O thanks for all support LIKED FAVORITE

  25. thegreengrocer99 says:

    nice bro 🙂

  26. TheRixShuffler says:

    Thx to include me in this video bro *-*

  27. Thanks for putting me in man 😉 Pretty nice Cheers

  28. Ps: Tony is with a zero, like this : t0ny

  29. Claudiox09 says:

    Thanks for including me in the video, Greetings from Chile ;D! CloT ^^

  30. fucking awesome compilation,waiting part 5 🙂 ODC/Kuris

  31. Stylus Shuffler says:

    in description 😀

  32. theHDTVstudios says:

    hay bro please send me a clip of you shuffing for our MK comp! no edit
    please MK-Miracle