Read The Description This is the first part of the compilation. Part 3/3 comming soon (Unfortunately the first part was deleted by YouTube) Comment and rate if possible subscribe for more. Participants in the compilation: -Nick (Channel) -Chloee ( -Ruy ( -Dami ( -Lelo ( -Kayzen ( -Neville ( -Nightfall ( -Teds ( -WarBandiT ( -Slayer ( -Kidd ( -Siemens ( -Passion ( -Louise ( -Icee ( -Zeze ( -Mac.G ( -Elsgaard ( -Saint ( -Radis ( 20 shuffler in order. Thanks for Watching and for your attention

25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation part 2/3 2012 LEDzn”

  1. blazejames47 says:

    New school is getting too close to doing a one-step…

  2. ShufflingJockeboy says:

    Fuck Malysian shuffle it sucks…

  3. LEDesign2011 says:

    fuck if I did not ask anything

  4. BumpTehBass says:

    this is shuffling

  5. Thatissojordy777 says:

    Actually they are… Malay shuffle and Melbourne shuffle are quite different…As is electro and Cali style. Sure theyre the same thing in the most basic essence but theyre different. Still mad video and as far as i can tell youve got a bit of both melbourne and malay. The first girl is deffinately malay style (more jumps, the running man looks one stepped etc) whilst the second seems to be slightly malay electro fusion. I could go on. Great vid 🙂

  6. MelbshuffleTony says:

    OMG OK guys.

    AUS (australien)
    MAS (Malaysian)
    MELB (Melbourne)

    Are the 3 main styles.


    This are the Sub styles

    AUS is to Mainstream Hardstyle
    MAS is to typical hard dance Tracks.
    Melbourne is to Hardstyle, Harddance, Trance, Hardtrance etc.
    Cali to electro and some other crazy stuff
    Electro to electro

  7. MelbshuffleTony says:

    oh god how stupid 

  8. gardner shuffle says:

    amazing fair play great editing to ilovethis!!!<3

  9. MultiAlan91 says:


  10. diamondbik3r says:


  11. Nghiem Doan says:

    LOL, fake ass account hmm?

  12. diamondbik3r says:

    Looking like you’re trying to stay on a treadmill.

  13. Lag Maier says:

    Malaysian shuffle has a rocking/swaying motion, not a huge difference. everyone wanna be different though does it really matter lol

  14. Lag Maier says:

    jeez how does kidds feet not hurt lol, he look bare foots dragging them across cement lol

  15. lusters101 says:

    it’s a style… notice the way the way they do their running man in the video.knee comes up to a 90 degree angle and down. its different.

  16. Nghiem Doan says:

    Australian is hardcore, fast.
    Malaysian is… i don’t know how to describe it.

  17. darius161pl says:

    2:55 track pleeeeease 

  18. iTaurusEntertainment says:

    This isnt melbourne v.v i was fooled!!! and no malay is its own type of dancing

  19. madflavazdep says:

    Dude at 1:17 is a beast

  20. CrutialProductions says:

    Girl Shufflers <3

  21. 01:17-02:03
    best part

  22. gabriel M says:

    but he’s right

  23. Ducktapeification says:

    Dude he’s right, don’t go like him on that.
    Malaysian Shuffle is a variant of Melbourne Shuffle.
    Malaysian = high knees + 1 step
    Melbourne = knees below waste + 2 step

  24. louiievuitton says:

    whats the name of the first song ! =D

  25. LEDesign2011 says:

    I’m not believe you say that omg, Melbourne Shuffle is a dance not an style, Malaysian and Australian are styles of Melbourne Shuffle ‘-‘, please don’t comment more shit’s and thanks _l_