new shuffle compilation video. Subscribe please, like. Enjoy it. Songlist later Shuffling: (intro) Jin-Jin 1. Andreezy 2. Mark 3. Dami 4. Avlid 5. Denling 6....
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23 Responses to “Melbourne shuffle compilation | SOFT STYLE”

  1. Evelina I. says:

    0:55 so ghey….

  2. ivan gough – in my mind

  3. hypersonic - scope dj

  4. hypersonic - scope dj

  5. Eyzox Melbshuffle says:

    Say “Songlist later”, but never write it >< !

  6. Coray Ball says:

    melbourne is both kinda, hardstyle and softstyle. hardstyle is just to faster and hard beats. and softstyle is to like house music and more smooth looking.

  7. mickezaz98 says:


  8. Erik Bäckman says:

    Nice compilation dude awesome

    – eboiii

  9. juandenz2008 says:

    Stupid question but what is the difference between Melbourne style, hard style and soft style. I’ve seen the terms thrown around …

  10. Akbar Enok says:

    song 1:45

  11. Ruộng Shy says:

    cool . very nice

  12. fahrizal ramadhan says:

    good running man from mark !! really love it !!

    1:45 song please ;;)

  13. Coray Ball says:

    marks running man makes me laugh

  14. thebinbanbon says:

    Anybody know the first song? Great compilation by the way 🙂

  15. I thought it would be a lot softer, still looks really jerky and hard hitting. Only good parts were around the middle of the video. I was thinking it would be a lot smoother and minimal like other videos I’ve seen, like xMoistx.

  16. I like this compilation alot, but some of these shufflers are anything but “Soft”.

  17. 3:39 = Alex Kidd (USA) - Feel Your Soul (Oringinal Mix)

  18. song at 0:01 – Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Axwell Mix Edit)

  19. MoMo Shuffler says:

    song at 3:39?

  20. mrimpalaboy says:

    So Good bro !

  21. Reyes15582 says:

    great copilation
    Song: 0:01

  22. supeeeer compilation!!! Song 3:39 please. THX 🙂

  23. Robert Kaniu Kijanka says:

    thaaanks ^__^