Hi! My new compilation for you =)! They the best shuffler in the world!!! Edit by: Jesse www.youtube.com vk.com My favorite shuffler:Neville,Sicky,DAZZ,Joker,Jordz,T1M,Ragastar,Nightfall,Elegend,JinJin
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation – The Best of Shufflers!”

  1. HDAslider says:

    raga sex

  2. Where is Fipex07? :c

  3. dont agree with the 1st one as best shuffler..

  4. jbones096 says:

    What is the song name at 7:34?

  5. NKingChris says:

    Lange feat. Skye – Drifting away. Maybe a remix 🙂

  6. shufflers nowadays cre8 their own moves hahahaha so they put some moves from jumpstyle,put a twist of their style and add shuffle and there you have it your own moves,hahaha

  7. Abacroffy says:

    What was the song Dazz shuffled to?

  8. bobby083085 says:

    Jinjin straight beastin

  9. skyboy moonboy says:

    There are the best shuffle and can’t there vs rocky and francis.

  10. did i see shuffle-jumpstyle at 6:36? xD i had never seen that until now

  11. Timothy Richardson says:

    first song? c:


  12. Driver Stark says:

    T1M is The Best

  13. SouthSide11408 says:

    WTF!!! 2:35 that´s not fking shuffle… i dont have words …

  14. Song List Please c:

  15. Abraham Barajas says:

    whats the song name at 1:30?

  16. mahboi1100 says:

    Anybody know what song Jin Jin shuffles to?

  17. Nagada4Ever says:

    all i know is the second one is geck e- soul train

  18. Nagada4Ever says:

    yes he is sexy shuffler

  19. u r gay??

  20. krystian zunczynski says:

    the one of minute 5:49 is the best

  21. krystian zunczynski says:

    joker is a teacher WTF

  22. jbones096 says:

    whats the song name at 7:34?

  23. Andrew Sanchez says:

    What’s ragastars song?

  24. taz jumpen says:

    sacco and mikki FTW