Melbourne Shuffle Compilation- Unique #2!

COMPILATION 3 COMING SOON! Number two. Have a look at the first one if you haven't seen it. Subscribe for more compilations!! I try to get shufflers that have different and unique styles, If you know anyone that would be good in this type of compilation let me know cos im finding it hard to find guys for the next one!! 🙂 shufflers: -Breno -Energy -Elegend -Wing -Rowenzz

24 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Compilation- Unique #2!”

  1. mathieldurako says:

    Very Good BRENO ENERGY & ELEGEND 🙂 .

  2. Silversavage says:

    Nice vid

  3. cornholio2191 says:


  4. For those who don’t know, the first song is
    JTB & DJ Chuck-E – If I Do (Tube Tonic’s Overdrive Remix)

    Awesome vid!

    Hit The Floor | Chase (aka xFehx)

  5. Alex Weyh says:

    first song?

  6. Alex Weyh says:

    Wing and Breno ROCKS!!!!

  7. Alex Weyh says:

    fuck dude….godlike!

  8. Cant i get Breno’s song?Thanks a lot.

  9. GildoBoss says:

    Thanks**** <3 xD

  10. destructivefatso01 says:

    The song is actually Lapse Of Memory (Hard mix) by Tronik

  11. Henrique Malheiros says:

    Nice comps 5*

  12. Is there a songlist yet? x_x

  13. floorballplayer17 says:

    nice vid man! 🙂 first and second song?

  14. h0micidalprincess says:

    Wing is really incredible ;D

  15. hardstyle599 says:

    love the video!! 5* + fav
    and to those who wants to know what the name of the track is where wing is shuffling then it is Hard trance – Tronik – Lapse Of Memory (Hard Mix) 🙂

  16. Duong Tetsirou says:

    thanks :D

  17. Robbie Clarke says:

    FCK YEA nice Tunes Bro ..
    Goes Off 😀
    you need song list bruz

  18. breno RM win !!!!!!!!!!! it`s more complex yeahhhhhhhh

  19. angelowsalzer says:

    nice comp bro (:
    pls , first song D:

    THE ice is a bassmasters !

    5/5 + fav!
    Bassmasters | bruuúh [Brazil]

  21. thanks guy thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. XESHADOWX says:

    Wing- Laspe of Memory (hard mix) – Tronik

    you’re welcome

  23. Fuucky3aHardstyle says:

    Wing’s song ! damn’ a killer ! 😀 5* Wing superhero !

  24. Nice comp, man!!
    What is the name of the 1st and 4th song?
    5/5* + fav

    ||HTF|| xFehx