READ DOWN!! So I arranged a meetup in Oslo the 23.02.2013 I met a lot of new faces and had an amazing time with everybody 😀 We decided to do some battles at the end, just for fun,...
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25 Responses to “Melbourne Shuffle Meetup | Oslo Edition | Winter”

  1. DarkenedFilms says:

    the gothic people didn’t even shuffle..

  2. Braydon Moses says:

    i loved the 2v2 battels it was all fun

  3. Track list plsss

  4. Real Name says:


  5. Hardstyle TrueHardDance says:

    This guy is a hypocrite. He said he would release the song list at 5k
    views. It’s at 6k (almost 7k) views and this guy hasn’t delivered shit. Not
    even a quick message saying “I’m sorry for the delay.” Maybe it somewhere
    and I haven’t looked right. If so, tell me!

  6. liquidrezonation says:

    Song list… pls your vid riechef over 5000 

  7. jose antonio juarez gonzalez says:

    Music is shit!!!!

  8. Salvis Soms says:

    Hey man, can u give me your skype? send me to PM

  9. Bendik Steffensen says:

    @Awi,Inane Thanks i guess XD

  10. Hardstyle TrueHardDance says:

    beginnign song please 5,012 views

  11. liquidrezonation says:

    There is no such thin as bad shufflers . Only badly executed moves . We
    must all remenber that shuffleing is about being yourself . Evreybody has
    their own style . Awesome video hope to be part of a meet up myself 

  12. ShreddedBR says:


  13. littlephan says:


  14. littlephan says:

    haha x)

  15. Tom Kim says:

    sweet, awesome that you guys could pull this off in an underground tube, it
    would have lasted 3 minutes if we tried this in the states

  16. littlephan says:

    You should totaly try to get up here for the summer meetup 😀

  17. BassDetectorz says:

    Or we can Shazzam dat shit

  18. Ben Harris says:


  19. Bendik Steffensen says:

    Bra video. Var en morsom dag ;D -Sirius

  20. littlephan says:

    Sirius is good, yes ^^ 😉

  21. BlazeShufflez says:

    Awesome :3

  22. Cosmin Rosca says:

    Bro, Let me know when you have your next shuffle meet 😀

  23. Eyzox Melbshuffle says:

    Nice shuffle, just battle are shit. From France.

  24. iKillborn2kilNOE says:

    Looked like a pretty good meetup

  25. TheHardSarco says:

    really nice! :D, greetings from chile :D!